04 December 2008

Manager 111 - Penthouse Traxx #1.0 (Psycho Thrill PTNE2114 x-tra ltd.ed.) - 10/10

Psycho Thrill shows signs of life. A Cologne label that has been in business for a decade and attracted several great players from Detroit, for example Thomas Barnett ja Optic Nerve.
A new signing is Manager 111, or German Andreas Gehm, who has produced a remarkable record to remember from 2008. It's not a revolution, because especially the A-side is obviously inspired by Daniel Bell AKA DBX. "My Psychothrill Babe" is like a clone of "Losing Control" and "Baby Judy" with a harder edge. Bass drum kicks across the record, more on the A-side, and acid sounds that characterize Gehm's earlier output (as Elect Pt.1) keep bubbling. Concluding with "Matinée" that rolls in a Detroit mood. Manager 111's record comes in green, red and orange vinyl versions, as colours are in at the pressing shops.

17 November 2008

Die Blutleuchte - RUS ( Sähkö 018) - 7/10

Anatoli Alexandrovich, whoever he is, made this album in 2002. A musical insight into the more or less glorious days of the Russia's history, painted with minimal and noise-influenced experimental compositions and spiced with sound fragments like worshipping of Stalin in Finnish-language, Karelian folk song and clinking of swords. "Спутник" is a track for the floor that reminds of Sähkö's rhythmic and acidic output of the early days. Late Leonid Iliych Brezhnev is the MC in ambientish "Скрытая Война I" while "Скрытая Война II" is a mind-blowing noise avalanche. "Гласность" stands out nicely with guitar riffs. "Курск. Крещеный Ледяной Водой" is an oppressive minimalistic journey at the Barents Sea that turns gradually into "Kalinka". As a whole "RUS" is an ample harvest of experimental sounds and serves well as a soundtrack for the train travel bound from Helsinki or Tallinn to St Petersburg.