28 September 2011

Ricardo Donoso – Progress Chance (Digitalis DIGIV006)

Rating: 9/10
Senhor Ricardo has spent quality time in his studio (or bedroom?) with companions like Korg MS2000R, Yamaha DX7 and others to tell us how the emeralds sound. Yes, he's is originally from Brazil, now living and working in Boston, but I would not fiddle on his background to seek associations with rainforests or Amazon. Because this is universal music where some of inspiration might have come from historical synth wizards, but this is definitely not another new age-minded synth record.
Still entire LP would work as efficient music therapy for strained minds and bodies. Already the introductory  "Chrome Decadence" caresses softly, thereafter in "Klatu" the rainbow emerges in the horizon and a distant astronaut's voice is transmitted to us. "Baiting Disappointment" is hovering ambient piece and then comes absolute highlight, "The Deck Of An Ancient Ship", a tranquilizing composition that floats like a majestic vessel. On the flip, "Morning Criminal" and two other tracks continue the journey in deep and floating mood
The record carries some idealism and search for a better and harmonic world, summed up in anti-gravitational tunes for your inner self.

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Sotek said...

This is so cool. One of my favorite LPs of 2011 for sure!