27 December 2012

Svreca - Hagagatan Remixed (SEMANTICA 33B - 2012)

To conclude the year 2012 Semantica revisits an annihilating track from the label's 2012 catalog when Svreca’s "Hagagatan" has been handed over to three producers for reshaping. Unlike in the original, bang and boom are not in the main role in the release which offers more varied sounds. Stroboscopic Artefacts boss Lucy is on a warm-up mission when checks in with a sneaking drone and subsequently finds the way through the scrapyard with heavy-stepping drum pattern and hi-hats.
The pace is picked up by Russia’s Alexey Volkov who shows talent in recovering essential elements of Semantica’s sound hitting with untamed and bass-saturated version of tight compressor techno. His version will definitely please the hardliners while Rødhåd, keeping ample bass operational, prefers a slackened version. Svreca proves his skills when leading the original to opposite direction, redesigning it to a stripped and hypnotically chiming track with crystalline loops. A real thumbs up effort by Svreca, along with Volkov's peak hour tool.

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21 December 2012

Discoverer - Tunnels (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV044 - 2012)

"Tunnels" would not be a stranger in a living room where the father-in-law proudly demonstrates a worn-out copy of Tangerine Dream and, with a sad note in his voice, recalls bygone times. To cheer him up and add some Christmas touch to the atmosphere, just give a spin to the recent album on Digitalis.
Despite of running a roster of lesser known artists the label from Tulsa does nothing accidental. With "Tunnels" they continue explorations in the vastness of synth-based music with a new artist from Kansas City.
Behind Discoverer is Brandon Knocke who admits the passion for former times, going back to the 1980s electric funk hooks and slo-mo version of disco. Discoverer mostly paints smooth sonic pictures, starting with soft touches in "Circular Motherboard", flickering like vintage neon lights. "Amputee" is the closest to Ricardo Donoso's output, a vocoded piece of mounting synth riffs flying over the Andes while "Tunnels" is a euphoric cascade of synth pads assisted by drum machine. "Lesbian Software" floats on the waves of sultriness and "Blood Lab" is in the sentimental search for distant times and places.
"Tunnels" is an album having healing effect like aloe vera but calling it easy listening would do injustice to the eight-track LP. Minimalistic but spectacular sleeve design comes as a bonus.

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19 December 2012

George Paar - Despertar Con Otro Nombre (Par Wax PRW004 - 2013)

Release date is in January 2013
Montevideo is calling again when the catalog of Par Wax, a techno outpost in the Southern hemisphere, is extended with the fourth vinyl release. The four-tracker from Uruguay offers two originals by the label manager George Paar aka Jorge Castillo plus two remixes of the opening track.
Paar has found a new direction when gradually ditching the generic droning techno textures, heard in previous Par Wax releases, for more varied compositions.
Still thunder and hiss are firmly in the place in "La Llamada a Los Albores del Amanecer" which is a floating wildlife-inspired tune travelling at 125 BPM above the vast and grainy surfaces of the mountainous deserts. "Despertar Con Otro Nombre", recently charted by Giorgio Gigli, which is introduced by deep roar and mysterious hum gradually merging the layers of fire and ice for a ominously pulsating cut.
Young and furious European guys are on remix duties for "La Llamada a Los Albores del Amanecer“. The demolition squad arrives straight from Italy when Conrad Van Orton aka Andrea Zanchetta leads the charge in combat boots for a monotone monster. In another version Frankfurt sends greetings with a remix by Patrick Krieger who maintains tight floor attitude with fat percussion and echoing chords. Track titles sounding like Latin American poetry and  artwork are additional bonus of the release.

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14 December 2012

Various - Nonnative 03 (Semantica NNN03 - 2012)

Release date is 17 December 2012
For the third strike in Semantica's Nonnative series, the Madrid label has again summoned four non-Spanish producers for unabashed techno sessions. The game is opened by the Italian master of droning techno Giorgio Gigli (Zooloft, Prologue), who has not changed his preferences and lurks in the catacombs in „Reflections“, a hybrid of bass, hi-hats and ambient background. Then it's the turn of Cassegrain who in "Sennit" have calibrated the bass for the maximum floor impact and tampered the microchip groove of their recent Killekill release, dropping a mindblowing peak hour tool - a tip of this EP.
On the B-side the Japanese artist Baryta aka Yasuhiro Matsuzaki keeps the dark and pumping stance of the release when torturing bass in "Teryn". Thereafter Staffan Linzatti, recently with a great EP on Chronicle, welcomes the daylight and looks up to the clear skies in "Repetition", ruled by Millsian loops and delicate pads. The strongest Nonnative release so far.
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10 December 2012

Deka (terminal313.net) in the mix: Abstraktsioonide öö Vol. 7

The 7th edition of Abstraktsioonide öö (Night of Abstractions) was held last weekend in Tallinn with an impressive line-up of local and visiting artists. Mihkel Tomberg presented his debut CDr "I" with a solid live set and the dark room also witnessed sound explorations by Iceland's Ruxpin and by local acts Rajaleidja & Mava (Joel Tammik & Madis Vahtramäe), Derrida+1 and Tencu.
The bar stage included DJ sets by Russia's Jana Dark & Nore-B, spanning from EBM to M's "Razzia". On the decks were Marcel Düšess & Wim Grover, Aivar Tõnso, and Tehnoloog, celebrating his return to the DJing with a tasteful Detroit-minded set.
Representing terminal313.net, I did also an one-hour digital set as Deka, here it is.

Chris Watson - El Divisadero (The Telegraph)
Skirt - Tumulto
Ø - Aaltovaihe
Squadra Blanco - Night Of The Illuminati
Legowelt - Act Of Judgement
I-F vs That Nigger - Suck The Box
The 15 Dead Minutes - Fibril
Imatran Voima - Welfare State Of Mind
MANASYt - Space Coffin
Plant43 - Fluid Reasoning
Anne Clark - Our Darkness (Hardfloor '97 Version)
J.T.C. - Jacques' Razor
Metasplice - Decant
Ra.H & Dynamo Dreesen - Spacepops (Donato Dozzy Rework)
Herpes Ö Deluxe - Tief unten
Container - Dissolve
Marco Bernardi - Msry
Truss - Splot
Jürgen Paape - Ofterschwang
Kompleksi - Moscow 1980

05 December 2012

Truss - Splot (Our Circula Sound OCS 006 - 2012)

Recently Truss aka Tom Russell has gained plaudits from the crowds with his acid techno project MPIA3. But he has not shelved the initial alias either, presenting now his second release for Sigha's Our Circula Sound.
Heavy rotation can be predicted for the kicking and stomping title track „Splot“, which does not challenge any speed limits but makes a massive impression in the best tradition of the harder side Detroit and Robert Armani. Then "Auden" we have met before, as Sverca's remix on Truss's previous release for Our Circula Sound. The original is in no hurry when driven by metallic and deep percussion, fitting well to the Bangin' Bass mix of Ian Pooley's "Celtic Cross".
On the flip "Beacon", also from the previous EP, is remixed by Truss's alter ego MPIA3, making of it a tight and angry acid version along the lines of his recent club sensation "Ely“. Functional fare for after-midnight shifts of proper techno heads
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03 December 2012

Hierolglyphic Being - The Lost Transmission EP (Morphine Records doser014 - 2012)

Jamal Moss's starting point was in Chicago, where he, a South Side boy born in 1973, at a tender age of twelve witnessed the evolution laid out in Ron Hardy's Music Box. Across industrial and new wave, without leaving unnoticed Larry Heard's Gherkin Jerks project, he became an electronic artist with very distinguished sound.
Given his urge for experiments, Moss's affiliation with Morphine Records is not surprising and the newest contribution is brought to us under the Hieroglyphic Being guise.
A-side's "The Lost Transmission" is a challenging track, terminus for the club sound where the door is firmly shut for any harmonies while inside a throbbing mess of noise is ruling. Amid chaotic rumble machines are in pain, destined to demoralize the neighborhood with oppressing fifteen minutes of convulsing synth noises. Residuals of the Music Box or Skinny Puppy are combined with broken drum machines, all moving at a tantalizingly slow pace. Double the speed and you get closer to mid-90s Relief sound, like heard in Lester Fitzpatrick's "Frantic Frenzy".
On the flip we are catapulted to the year 2222, to a classy night spot where Unidentified Funking Objects have gathered under the sign of "Cosmic Bebop". Again detached from the techno canons, we move from electric organ staccato to swaying string samples reminding of Kid 'N' Play via Altern 8, all wrapped in the foil of jacking percussion.
All that might sound complicated, but "The Lost Transmission EP" is another wild example of Hieroglyphic Being's daguerreotyped electronics.
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Hieroglyphic Being - The Lost Transmission EP

Staffan Linzatti - The Confirmer (Chronicle EVENT0003 - 2012)

Chronicle is a rather new sub-label of the US imprint Thema focusing on more stripped-down fare, or "heavy hard grooves" as they put it. Already the debut release, "The Return" by Detroit's own Terrence Dixon aka Population One, sent a strong message about the ambitions of the label. After the Japanese producer Imugem Orihasam Chronicle's third installment comes now from Sweden's Staffan Linzatti.
Although Linzatti is not blazing any new trails in the contemporary techno, his courage to backtrack the foundations of looped techno should be acknowledged. Because this EP could easily stem from Axis or M-Plant catalog of the 1990s, if we only take the title track "The Confirmer", driven by looped strings, or relentlessly bleeping drum swirl "Another Welcome", which is obviously sighting something in the sky. "Before" and "Response" are two sci-fi minded interludes while "Finite And Precious" recalls the days when Ian Pooley recorded under the Silvershower guise for Plus 8.
In an interview for RA, the label head Lenny Posso mentioned that new stuff by Samuli Kemppi, Donor/Truss and Aiken is in the pipeline for the label deserving close attention.

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