28 November 2013

Various - EP 2 (Inner Surface Music INNER006 - 2013)

Inner Surface, UK techno label set up by Tom Dicicco and AnD, continues the series of various artists EPs with a set of internationally acclaimed artists from the harder end of the spectrum.
The engine is cranked up with rubbing rhythms and processed whispers by Japanese artist Yuji Kondo, applying thick filters in "Tilt" for a sound-alike on his recent tracks out on Par Recordings and Fifth Wall.
"Roksan" by Tom Dicicco grows into a medium-paced offbeat mess with submersible signals while D.Carbone from the Naples-Berlin axis praises the drums and bleeps in eruptive cut "Asynthetic" and Spanish act NX1 concludes with its trademark haunting groove in "IS1". Floor cuts for sweltering and dark venues, pressed on transparent red vinyl.

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25 November 2013

George Paar & Yuji Kondo - Man No Shadow (Par Wax PRW 06 - 2013)

Uruguay might be an exotic spot on the global techno map but because of George Paar, the founder of Par Recordings, it's not a quiet place. The Montevideo resident has been running the label since 2011, as a publishing platform of his own tracks along with guest contributions from Ness, Patrick Krieger, Conrad van Orton and most recently Giorgio Gigli.
Now hard-working Yuji Kondo from Japan has joined the label head in "Man No Shadow EP" for the sixth vinyl release. The A-side sees Paar's furious programming in mechanical and intense "Modern Inception" and the embrace of cold-hearted machines continues in "Dwelling In Ignorance", rushed over by a giant wave of pulsating stabs. The B-side belongs to Kondo, starting with crawling and rattling "Indefinitely Discreet" for feeling disoriented like in high fever, and then topped by well-targeted kick and uncanny whispers in physically challenging "Know Where", a linear and revolting tool for the partygoers.

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18 November 2013

L'estasi Dell'oro ‎– Kingdom For A Kiss (Berceuse Heroique ‎BH 004 - 2013)

Berceuse Heroique CEO Kemal has hauled Flaneur Audio and Voodoo Down Records operative Christopher Ernst from the US to a grueling trip on the nonconformist label from London.
The invasive two-tracker fills close to 30 minutes of our miserable life, starting the A-side's filthy noise and haunting voices united under the banner of rusty cogwheel. Built on a neverending sequence, the A-side is akin to analog rumble in techno about 20 years ago.
Nothing biodegradable on the B-side either, when masters of distorted acid techno, Unit Moebius Anonymous and Shitcluster, are rising from the stinky sewers of The Hague. About 14 minutes of corporal punishment with pitched-down phrases and hydraulic hammering for the bad dreams of bourgeoisie.

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PVS - The Fugitives (M_Rec Ltd M_RECLTD019 - 2013)

Release date is in November 2013
Italian artist PVS aka Marco Piovesan who has formerly appeared on Gynoid and H.omevvork, premieres on Milan's M_Rec Ltd with four tracks for the DJ bag.
A-side's pretty simple "Arsenal" is from the 2013 club techno manual: cold signals and synthetic haze surround the PVS original and the remix by Danish producer CTRLS, a member of Sonic Groove act Northern Structures, comes with less atmospheric mood and bits of distortion.
Massive playtime can be predicted to B-side's "Intercellar". PVS's track is built on a fluid and hard-edged rhythm with nasty fire alarm in the back. Wicked groove and explosive stabs make to think about the return of PCP-age pounders. Label boss Max_M is devoted to the original's captivating atmosphere and rounds up the EP with floorkiller quality.

12 November 2013

Terminal 313 Mix: Border Disorder Vol. 1 (self-made)

Offering a cross-section of electronic styles, "Border Disorder Vol. 1" is a living room recording covering several new and unreleased tracks along with some older fare.
Introductory sounds come from Sweden with Ulwhednar's macabre experimentalism "V" and "Aksum 2" from Abdulla Rashim's new journey in lunar dust. "Ivy" by These Hidden Hands gets remixed by Vatican Shadow and "Robirds" from Fabrizio Lapiana's second "Antimatter" release is reworked by fellow Italian Claudio Fabrianesi.
After Subsist's Yuuki Sakai cybernetic tribal, Perc delivers with "Overbite" a tight industrial-minded cut from mini-compilation "Replay" on 10 Label. In the same hardline faction sits D. Carbone, represented in the mix also with his alter ego Honzo, and PVS's "Intercellar" is a granular track from the upcoming EP on M_Rec Ltd.
The Chicago section starts with a track from 2000, when DJ Traxx remixed "Passionate" by techno gigolo DJ Hell, followed by L.I.E.S. and Russian Torrent wonder Beau Wanzer and Still Music boss Jerome Derradji with equally slamming acid house cuts. "Klonopin" is a classic Gemini track and then we return to techno trails with analog wizards Orphx and Estonian newcomer Skull Trading. The Perc again: "405" is a track from joint EP of Perc Trax and Pole Group and mixed with "Evening In Madagascar" by Tuomas Rantanen.
It was impossible to ignore Ireland's Trensmat Records: Israel Vines remix of Stave's "Tower 9" is a tough one, as is the Honzo track, out soon on 3TH Records. "Fash" is a brilliant disco-esque floor burner from Blacknecks 0003 and Freak Electrique's "Parsec" comes from the archives before "End I" by SNTS closes this chapter.

Eomac – Hither, Pappy EP (The Trilogy Tapes TTT013)

The EP with an animation bloke on the sleeve has been around for a while but still deserves a closer look. Eomac is a project by Ian O'Donnell from Dublin, also one half of Lakker, and most recently acknowledged for a release on Berlin's Killekill. Now the Eomac's EP is a worthy addition to the catalog of The Trilogy Tapes, an innovative and exciting label from UK.
All starts with a bittersweet flashback of the era of pest control outfits and adolescent Prodigy and Altern 8, with rolling "Hither, Pappy" where a loudly yelling MC is hailed by cheering stadium crowds. Salves are loaded for more firepower in "Husk", a magnetizing techno cut with whirring drone and synth noise, demanding and firm like a tax authority.
Phantom riders are sent to the "Tunnel" to probe the impenetrable wall of rusty hardcore riffs and evil screeches, all adding up to real scarface techno of eight minutes. "I Love You, I Miss You" is a conclusion well in place after such a ride. At first instance reminding of The KLF's "Chill Out", it's ambient blues with phased choir voices and slight dubstep swing, tender and hazy like telling the Christmas is arriving early this year.
Eomac has produced a special item for the DJ bag and one of the best EPs in 2013. The release also participates in a charity action: Till 1 January 2014 Eomac donates anything earned from the Bandcamp page to the Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal to stand by the people in Philippines.

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11 November 2013

Various - Replay (10 Label TEN002EP - 2013)

10 Label's "Mu EP" was a memorable release because of intriguing lineup and a seagull portrait on the black-and-white cover. After a two-year hibernation the Japanese imprint has now summoned a group of international artists to the second mini compilation titled "Replay", once again sporting a tasteful sleeve design.
The EP's straightest and most throbbing cut is "Overbite", an anesthesia-free treatment by the screeching machines guided by London trooper Perc and expectedly close to Perc Trax's industrial can(n)ons. Of different kind is "Subject Of The Stenographic Figure", a calm and crackling Gothic indietronica by the Blackest Ever Black artist Dalhous.
A surprising appearance by the big band man Matthew Herbert opens the flip side with a playful microhouse and glitch session "Tax Returns". But the best is yet to come: Steven Porter, not a techno-obsessed Brit but a brainchild of Yuji Kondo and Katsunori Sawa, founders of the 10 Label, drops outstanding "Fundamental Belief". Shuffling last track is an amalgamation of nebulous hard rhyming and industrialized caustic funk, all that sounding like a meet-up of Khan and Fun-Da-Mental.

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07 November 2013

Kit Clayton and Christian Dixon reveal Tujurikkuja

A track called "Ahmak" by Tujurikkuja gained the first spot in Rrose's November Top 10 for RA and raised questions about the artist's identity. It caught a special attention of Estonians because a local cult sketch group bears the same name, tujurikkuja meaning mood-spoiler.
But it's not a joke as Terminal 313 found out in a conversation with a person behind the act.
"Essentially it's an ambient noise project between myself and Christian Dixon (Death Sentence: Panda!, Murder Murder, Earth Jerks)," said Kit Clayton, a renowned electronica and experimental artist having earlier released on Scape, Phthalo, Background and other labels.
"An album is in the making and all titles mean killjoy, bore or similar in different languages. It's a project about nihilist ambient pleasure, pain and ambivalence. Tujurikkuja was our favorite word based both on the beauty how it's written and spoken. Yes Estonians, we know the name is already taken for the comedy troupe, but hopefully it's enough of an everyday term that no singular entity really can claim it," said Clayton with a wink.
Sounding like a DIY ambient session with a lucent loop and swelling short-circuit noise, "Ahmak" is streamable now.

06 November 2013

Various - In The Dark: Detroit Is Back (Still Music stillmdcd011 - 2013)

Release date is in November 2013
Led by the luminaries like Rick Wilhite and Marcellus Pittman, the compilation "In The Dark: The Soul Of Detroit", paradoxically released on a label from Chicago, was a high-resolution snapshot of Detroit's deep house in 2005. After last year's reissue of the album, the fall of 2013 sees the arrival of the next installment, again on Jerome Derradji's Still Music. It comes as a triple vinyl and double CD, the latter containing a larger selection of tracks.
Considering Still Music's preference for soulful and dynamic dance tracks, the CD1 is unsurprisingly filled with sizzling grooves and soluble pads, thus focusing on the deep house side of the Detroit produce.
Bright moods prevail in Craig Huckaby's jazzy "The Answer" and in mid-1980s Chicago house grooves by Alex Israel ("Bubble Wrap", later "Cash Neutral") while Reggie Dokes hails digital romanticism ("Cyber Love") and Patrice Scott looks into the space ("Cosmic Rituals"). Nice picks are vocal-backed sexy body-mover "A Message For The DJ" by Delano Smith Feat. Diamondancer and Mike "Agent X" Clark's hypnotic proclamation "Free Your Mind" with velvety keys and rhythmic claps. More tender vibes come from Todd Modes, Patchworks and others. Jerome Derradji's intense acid mix of Tony Ollivierra's "Hemoglobin" rounds up the compilation's first half.
On the second disc Pittman and Israel keep it deep for a while, but after the day comes the night in the presence of fortified Detroit sounds when Terrence Dixon opens futuristic explorations with "The Fall Guy Pt 1", immediately matched by Keith Worthy's swirling pads'n'bass cut "Cyclops" with corrosive undercurrents. Compared to his early Motech material DJ 3000's "Faygo" is of different breed, a progression of synthetic horns and modulated leads, while UR and Los Hermanos textures come up in vocoded techno jazz "Strongholds" by Gerald Mitchell.
Alien force is met in Dixon's "The Fall Guy Pt 2", unfortunately excluded from the LP version, a track built on dark and spiraling symphonic riffs interlaced with fluorescent pads. Deep house smoothness returns with the strings of new acquaintance Gabbamonkey (it's not really about gabba as we know it) and after the original "Hemoglobin" by Ollivierra, DL Jones Meets Amp Fiddler open the door to R'n'B moods, followed by concluding house grooves by Delano Smith and Mitchell.
The overall atmosphere of the compilation is rather bright and positive but darker shades are not missing either. Again a tremendous job by the artists and Still Music.

Full tracklists:
1 - Craig Huckaby - The Answer Feat Kelly Hayes
2 - Alex Israel - Bubble Wrap 106
3 - Reggie Dokes - Cyber Love
4 - Patrice Scott - Cosmic Rituals
5 - Gabbamonkey - 2 Pace Back
6 - Delano Smith feat. Diamondancer - A Message For The Dj
7 - Todd Modes - I'd Rather Be With You
8 - Patchworks - Celebration Amp Fiddler Rmx
9 - Mike "Agent X" Clark - Free your mind
10 - Raybone Jones & Jon Easley – As She Moves
11 - Rick Wilhite - Magic Water St Jean remix
12 - Tony Ollivierra - Hemoglobin Jerome Derradji Acid Mix
1 - Marcellus Pittman - Make It Work
2 - Alex Israel - Cash Neutral
3 - Terrence Dixon - The Fall Guy Pt.1
4 - Keith Worthy - Cyclops
5 - DJ 3000 - Faygo
6 - Gerald Mitchell - Strongholds
7 - Terrence Dixon - The Fall Guy Pt.2
8 - Gabbamonkey - Underlying Dreams
9 - Tony Ollivierra- Hemoglobin
10 - D.L. Jones feat. Amp Fiddler - Lonely
11 - Delano Smith- Inception Dub
12 - Gerald Mitchell - Fly Like Eagles

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