28 May 2014

Sanys - Dominance (Downfall Theory DF06 - 2014)

Sanys, a producer from St Petersburg (Russia), uses own outlet Downfall Theory for floor action and has reached his and the label's sixth EP. Mid-paced title track "Dominance" does many things right with hints of Ferox funk, low-pitched vocal sample and clattering drums but it's dwarfed by following cuts. A special treat is 303-corroded "My Concern", which possesses real brain scanner qualities and flirts bravely with trancy elements, while techno freighter "Told You So" is directly heading to Tresor. For the end, the old school calls when Eomac, armed with junglist breaks, devises a downtempo abstract of "Dominance". Boredom not a threat here.

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20 May 2014

Valved - AnD / WHOK Remixes (Trensmat Records TR044 - 2014)

Early in 2014, not many might have noticed Valved's "Blood On The Controls", a limited-run cassette album on Trensmat's sub-label Nute. Valved, dedicated to industrial disaster sci-fi techno, has now found a fertile ground for further body and mind manipulations when Trensmat drops a noisy 12-inch of remixes, featuring industrial techno stalwart AnD and the label's maverick family friend Whirling Hall Of Knives.
For a better perspective, the digital bonus tracks serve as a good starting point, both of them representing Valved's original versions. Offbeat percussive hell in "Tipping Point" and distortion-torn synth bath in "Blood On The Controls" set the tone for the ride to come.
The actual release starts with AnD's experimental "Tipped Over The Edge Remix", a beatless but bone-crushing drone-fuelled piece. In "Tipped Over The Edge & Back Again Remix" AnD recovers the previously lost drum beat for a battering builder touching the fringes of hardcore. On both occasions it's interesting to see AnD in adventurous mood, enjoying the realms outside the usual 4/4 kick.
WHOK's first remix of "Blood On the Controls" comes with a thrusting synth line, driving up blood pressures at crusty conventions and for the second it collects tinkling pogo beats from DAF era, flooded with industrial ooze. A stunning mental dash to the hard side.

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George Paar & Claudio Mate - Permanent Affinity (Par Recordings PAR REC WAX 07 - 2014)

Release date is in May 2014
"Permanent Affinity" is another split release on Par Recordings, Montevideo. Label head George Paar embarks on a fast-paced night flight with stringent and sterile sequencing in "The Song That Never Ends" where the noisiness dominates over the grooves.
The B-side belongs to Italian artist Claudio Mate who has previously recorded for a number of outlets and most notably for Applied Rhythmic Technology. Mate prefers a restrained stance and after unspectacular start, "Orion Dub" is helped out by deeper bass and dub flavours.

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19 May 2014

Youngman & Landstrumm - Fry Up (Snork Enterprises Snork070 - 2014)

Release date is in May 2014
A new showing of veteran techno by two top acteurs active from the mid-1990s when Bill Youngman and Neil Landstrumm give with "Fry Up" a convincing proof of well-preserved skills.
Collab tracks are found on the A-side and the EP gets a slamming start in "Cannon", a synthesis of technoid italo riff and brisk sub-bass. "Venus" opens in psychedelic moods, reminding of Black Devil, but it's a truly battering techno cut with hyperactive synth modulations on rock-solid bass.
The B-side belongs to Landstrumm's harsh funk when "Roulette" is carried by a fat synth line and "Wall" gives a tribute to techno's adolescence from the times of Model 500 space techno, UR's combat tracks, Belgian rave hoovers and Warp's bleepy artefacts.
"Fry Up" is released by Snork Enterprises in Giessen, Germany. Boasting a catalog of over 120 releases by Paradroid, Cristian Vogel, Norman, the label founder Syntax Error and others, Snork has actually not been a front row label but shows the ability for swift body boosters.

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17 May 2014

Damaskin - Kaona EP (Concrete Records cltd003 - 2014)

Sturdy industrial exploits of "Unseen Warfare", Damaskin's debut on Unknown Percept, created an impression of having another doom techno producer on board. However of different breed is Damaskin's new EP for Rome-based Concrete Records. On the label's third vinyl release after Joe & Ubit and Voices From The Lake, the producer Ninoslav Ostojic plays safe with atmospheric acid-minded tunes.
Hi-hats, 303 and background hum are for bulk trade nowadays and "Kaona" dissolves among similar efforts. Things turn better in "Kaona II", at first instance based on irritating crunchy loop, which manages to adapt more complex textures during the course of the track. Intensity is not missing anymore when "Kaona II" is promoted to sweaty floors with the B-side's remix by Cassegrain.

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13 May 2014

Helena Hauff - Return To Disorder (Panzerkreuz Records 1028 - 2014)

In recent times Hamburg's Helena Hauff has been sighted twice on Bunker's hawkish offshoot Panzerkreuz. As a member of Black Sites she appeared on a split EP with Ghettogem and now the Dutch label's number 1028 features a ruff solo effort by Fräulein Hauff.
The guys behind early Bunker tools have found a sister of arms as "Return To Disorder" is essentially about dirty ghetto drums and blistering acid lines. A six-tracker with total playtime of 35 minutes qualifies for an album and offers great moments to those who know.
The tracks span from rough sequencing of "Spirals Of Smoke Drifting From Soot Stained Chimneys" to rude stomper "Message From Filippo and to "Blast!", which feels like sitting in a car currently showered in a car wash station. The catharsis arrives with daunting 303 cut "Sea Shore Acid", serving as a shark alarm to expel all sunbathers.

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12 May 2014

Drøp - Vasundhara EP (Arboretum ARB001 - 2014)

When tracing the foundations of artist name Drøp, it can be guessed as a Nordic thing because of the symbol ø, a vowel in Norwegian/Danish. But more probably it stands for the mathematical empty set, a state of being which describes well Drøp's debut EP "Vasundhara".
The project is a brainchild of Italian Giuseppe Bifulco, born in Naples and now residing in Berlin, and dedicated to the gloomy ends of sound composition. According to the artist the sound is generated by manipulating electric circuits, lights or everything else is able to turn electric impulses.
This approach is reaffirmed in the opener "Epileptic Heritage", setting the tone for distressed ambient and noise interpretations. "Erratic Rituals" is an ode to post-nuclear survival with blemished ambient layers and hypnotic drumming, followed by true-blooded drone session "Vasundahara", slowly cruising in hazardous ooze. Dadub remix of  "Epileptic Heritage" represents the uptempo side and targets industrial segment of the floor while digital bonus "Death Of Apasmara" is a mashup of tweaked signals and abstract sound bits.
Looking at the track titles, Hindu mythology has been a source of inspiration for Drøp but the sound carries along the same Nordic claustrophobia we know from the works by Ulwhednar or even Mika Vainio.

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07 May 2014

Donato Dozzy - Terzo Giorno (Stroboscopic Artefacts SA023 - 2014)

Donato Dozzy prefers to travel the labels of the world instead of staying faithful to selected ones. Now he pursues a Berlin-Italian connection with the solo premiere on Lucy's Stroboscopic Artefacts, after having contributed earlier with a remix.
The four-track EP plays with techno's various sub-streams and gets a witchcraft-inspired start with "Il Canto Della Maga", a dark half-ambient penetration with howling fairies and Metasplice-style chime cascades that would rather belong to the label's "Stellate" series. Actually it can be regarded as the intro to tribal magic when, without any hesitation, genuine dance instincts are animated by swirling and slapping "Il Canto Della Maga Part II".
The B-side displays the impact of repetition and dissonance, especially in bassful "Terzo Giorno" which in a way reminds of Dozzy's 2013 collab on Outis Music, and in "Sotto Ma Sotto", another proof of the Italian's skills in loop engineering. And the floors are cheering.

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05 May 2014

Aiken - Looking Inward (SEMANTICA 62 - 2014)

Aiken returns to Semantica after "Mer" in 2011 and an appearance on the label's 5th anniversary compilation. In the new EP the Spaniard's material is not at all inward-looking as he drops nonchalant surfer cuts, ethereal and coercive at the same time.
"Dismal" would decorate any energized DJ set and is well matched by "Gathered", while the drum kick of the original "Restless" reminds of Teste's old Plus 8 hit "The Wipe". "Restless" gets an encore by Juho Kusti who cruises with Deep Space Helsinki bass and slight deep house notes.

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02 May 2014

John Osborn & Tallmen. 785 - Meldrum (Run Out Run ‎RUNOR1003 - 2014)

After two-part EP "Under The Aquadrome", written by the label founder Tom Dicicco, London's Run Out Run sees the first visiting producers in the pit. Both belong to the flock of current Berlin residents but Tallmen.785 aka Brian Mitchell hails from Kansas, US and John Osborn, not to be confused with Spectral Sound's Osborne, from London.
So far affiliated through the label Tanstaafl (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) Records, a label co-run by Osborn with Eric Cloutier and October, the two come up with full-bodied three tracker. "Meldrum" plays with subtle dubs and strong funk factor while jazzy notes and vocal sample position "Deskjam" to the house floor. Of the latter Dicicco has created a power version with extra kick and weighty chords, making it the best pick here.

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Stefan Jaworzyn - Principles Of Inertia (Trensmat TR043 - 2014)

Despite of being attached to the UK power electronics and experimental scene from the end of 1980s, Stefan Jaworzyn's solo work has been limited to a few releases about 20 years ago. Formerly guitar player in the bands Skullflower and Whitehouse, Jaworzyn has made 2014 a year of his resurgence with new albums on Blackest Ever Black, Kye and now on Trensmat.
Do not be misled by the bright sunflower on the sleeve because "Principle Of Inertia" exhibits Jaworzyn's affection to rhythmic noise. The opening tracks. "Biorigged" and "Festival Of Lies" are feasts of short wave modulations and cyberpunk-esque dirty drumming with chilly winds blowing over deserted landscapes. Body-piercing "Gland Collector", based on a jabbing and punching synth inferno of ten minutes, is the album's best pick. Disorderly "Apocalypse" follows a more abstract rhtyhm pattern while swaying pads of the digital-only "Dawn Of A New Ice Age" express the hopeful side of the climate change. Rebellious and intense album.

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