30 June 2014

Body Care Vol. 1 [Terminal 313 Podcast June 2014]

A new home session for your listening pleasure. Again, I could not resist the temptation to mix new material with some older tracks.

Tracklist with buy links:
Air Liquide - If There Was No Gravity (Jammin' Unit Remix) (Harvest)
Mace. - Support Structures (Attic Music)*
BMG & Derek Plaslaiko – The True Story Of A Detroit Groove (Interdimensional Transmissions)
Shawn O'Sullivan – Fumarin (Fifth Wall)
S100 – Genesis (Semantica)
Ghostek - 2.5 Miles Abyss (Deep Sound Channel)
Edanticonf - Movement 2 (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series)*
L'estasi Dell'oro - Der Hase (Fifth Wall)
i - L.T.B.C.Y.B. (Pod Communication/Recognition)
Genki  - Sixth School District (Torque)
Leiras  - Emisario (Ownlife)
Lex Gorrie - Mental Block (Dax J Remix) (Unknown Territory)*
Jeff Mills - Black Is The Number (Axis)
Oasis - Oasis #7 (FXHE)
Breaker 1 2 - Ratz In The Back (Sewage Mixx) (Berceuse Heroique)
Metasplice - Buoyant Slight (Morphine Records)
D. Carbone - Acid Futurism (Planet Rhythm UK)
Mono Junk - Jupiter Acid (Skudge White)
Robert Armani - Fingertips (ACV)
The 15 Dead Minutes - Your Belief Is Broken (Earwiggle)
AnD - Dusty (Repitch)*
DJ Hell vs Richard Bartz - Break The Rulez (Kurbel)
Eomac - DF4 (Stroboscopic Artefacts/Monad)

* Unreleased as of 30 June 2014

Various - The Giant Monarch (Fifth Wall Records 5WALL013 - 2014)

Set up by Hound Scales and Divvorce, Brooklyn imprint Fifth Wall Records belongs to the bunch of US labels effectively averting current techno clichés.
New mini compilation opens with post-witch house oddity by L'estasi Dell'oro, the man behind the labels Voodoo Down, Flaneur Audio and recently sighted on Berceuse Heroique. Inaugural Gothic drone and delirious moaning of "Der Hase" predict a dark ambient piece until a hi-hat driven tempest sweeps over boisterous bass.
Incredibly groovy "Under Sharer" by debuting artist Loric possesses both technoid cadence and nonchalant house hedonism while Greg Z, another first-timer, reformulates DBX's dry and slapping percussion in "Public Anomie".
Shawn O'Sullivan, Midwest native and today one of New York's most interesting techno producers, excels in "Fumarin" with snake charmer qualities when looping a tropical bird song on solid bass, to round up a set of true delights by Fifth Wall. Most recommended is also the label's recent charity compilation "No Person Is An Island".

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26 June 2014

TIC - Sompa (Trash Can Dance TCD542014 - 2014)

Oil shale is the Estonian gold, excavated in the underground mines in the Eastern part of the country - exactly how it is depicted on the CD cover. A band rooted in death metal, grindcore and punk, the three-member TIC was part of the region's musical underground in the beginning of the 1990s. Those influences dominated in the group's debut tape recovered now from the archives by Trash Can Dance label.
The album "Sompa", dedicated to a desolate mining village of the same name, is filled with post-punk aggressions, like the title track "Sompa" and "Mädapea" ("Rotten Head"). Occasional wave and electronic notes emerge in "Fat" and upbeat DAF-esque riffs in "You Have A Right To Die".
Of different breed are "T.A.K.E.", "Melancholics Dream" and "Invisible Antlers", which would have passed the test for The Cure's warm-up session. But the most interesting finds are screaming kinkiness "Sex Magic" and industrial smash "Mehhaaniline Kristus" ("Mechanical Christ").
One final note: Those interested in ancient naked mining techniques might be curious to learn that TIC was performing in 1993 Eurovision, taking Estonia to the 3rd place right after the nations like Sylvania and Perfidia.

For purchasing send e-mail to gtm242(at)hot.ee (Trash Can Dance)

20 June 2014

Angus Tarnawsky - Pitched EP (Inner Surface Music INNER007 - 2014)

The agent #007 in the Inner Surface roster is Angus Tarnawsky, a drummer, sound artist and composer born in 1988 in Tasmania, Australia but currently based in Brooklyn. A techno EP by nature, Tarnawsky’s dark-coloured debut is loaded with a number of bass variations. However the opener "Pitched", which chugs in post-dubstep spheres, sounds too ordinary while AnD's aggressive remix dismantles the original title to rushing floor beast with hyperactive flute and crunchy layers, thus marking the highlight of the EP.
The B-side opens with Pan Sonic inspired grim builder "Ad Nauseum" [meaning ad nauseam?], which lodges in pleasantly obscure depths, and after glitchy and multi-rhythmic "Expand Contract" slowly modulating "Tour Maline" rounds up the lot.
Despite interesting nuances, Tarnawsky could have more bravely used his rookie status to refrain from some proven formulas, for which he has the possibility in the future.

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18 June 2014

Breaker 1 2 vs Ekman - Ratz In The Back (Berceuse Heroique ‎BH 005 - 2014)

This post is useless in promoting Berceuse Heroique's fifth release as it sold out quickly. Featuring again politically charged liner notes, the BH 005 belongs to the best crop of Kemal’s London-based non-conceptual concept label.
It’s a fierce affair produced by Grego Beato aka Breaker 1 2 and Ekman, where the L.I.E.S. operative penetrates the A-side's „Ratz In The Back (Sewage Mixx)“ with immense ghetto whip and filtered nasty riffs. Raunchy and jacking „Fuck Your Rock And Jack Your Funk“ derives from Ekman’s electro acid cluster and faces fluorescent riffs placed over bursts of distortion. Physically challenging muscle tracks.

14 June 2014

The 15 Dead Minutes - Purging The Pious (Earwiggle EAR 007 - 2014)

Release date is in June 2014
Difficult to say if Delinquent Dialect, Dr. Skunkenstein and Heuristic Audio are the persons for investment advice but certainly they are trusted source for electro-tinged floor material. The three have individually recorded for labels like Templedog, Electro Avenue, Satamile NYC and all together they make up the UK group The 15 Dead Minutes (T15DM).
The new EP moves clearly in the fast lane, starting with groaning Ra-X reminiscent techno in "Purge The Pious", followed by crunchy electro-acid "20 Parts Per Million" in the footsteps of Khan & Walker.
Coming at first instance close to Millsian 4/4 fare, "Your Belief Is Broken" is the most dance-appealing of the lot, discomforting the linear plot with grinding synth lines and "Ugly Growths" spills hefty portions of acid on the floor.
After gnarly "Scheming Things" on Earwiggle's fellow Irish label Trensmat, the pals from T15DM have chosen a less winding path but maintain a frenzied look in their eyes. Limited to 250 pieces, "Purging The Pious" is expected in red splatter vinyl.

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12 June 2014

S100 - Genesis EP (SEMANTICA 67 - 2014)

Having appeared in Semantica's Nonnative series, Stockholm Ltd artist S100 revisits the Madrid label with a solo EP. The dance mob gets instant satisfaction in "Revoke", a floor-testing exercise with droning vibrations and acidic synth stabs, that clearly overshadow "Pygmalion's" linear simplicity.
The B-side opens strong with limping and shaking outdoor party tune "Genesis", based on sloppy bass line in The Drum Club stylee. For the end Eduardo de la Calle, a renowned purveyor of harmonies, swaps the techno tunnel for lavender fields with a deep house inclined remix of the title track.

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11 June 2014

Kareem - The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here (ZHARK 024 - 2014)

The resurgence continues: After some bits of new material in recent years, industrial techno's iconic figure Kareem unearths his legendary Zhark imprint with a stunning four-tracker to reaffirm his talent in the field of harsh grooves and noisy frictions.
Kareem's tracks have a strong floor appeal and despite of ghastly undertones they stimulate the forward-looking side of the crowd. The title "The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here" serves this purpose as a properly whipping and slapping cut transforming to chaotic rumble and relentlessly revolving "Wildpitch, I Think I Loved You" comes like a strangled version of DJ Sneak's blue funk.
Jetting along with sinister vibes and rustic bass, "Divine Hunger" is a sleek masterpiece coming live and direct from a vampire feast and causing a mental hurricane. For the end, stumbling over bleached bones in Mojave Desert, "La Iguana" can be called almost a meditative trip when compared to the previous, but obeys the strict machine rhythm.
Kareem's new EP can be regarded as a successor to "Exstinctio Conscientia", a split release with Ancient Methods that kicked off exciting Fondation Sonore label. Now the industrial techno's professor has revealed a challenging sonic BDSM session and meanwhile keeps part of Zhark's backstock available again.

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04 June 2014

Mono Junk - Untitled (Skudge White ‎SKUDGE-W06 - 2014)

There's an obvious appeal in Kimmo Rapatti's irregular release schedule, which means the man of experience from Finland prefers quality over quantity. After a three-year break, 2014 marks another active phase for the Finn with releases on Forbidden Planet and, before that, on Sweden's appreciated Skudge White series, both under the classic Mono Junk moniker.
The Skudge release consists of two partitions: On both sides the first tracks are off the leash and do serious damage on the floor. Voltage meter hits new heights in brazen acidic workout "Electric Chair" and in "Jupiter Acid" vortical interference continues with whopping claps and sharp-edged acid pulses. The other two, "Yhteys" and "Härinähouse", come closer to Mono Junk's classic "Beyond The Darkness" and the Melody Boy 2000 material with ethereal and melodic notes over analogue filth.
A brilliant continuation of the journey that started over 20 years ago, when an analogue junkie from Finland turned into Mono Junk. No wonder that the EP sold out quickly at most outlets.

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