29 September 2014

Stanislav Tolkachev- Right Angle EP (SEMANTICA 65 - 2014)

In a blind test, "Like No One Is Watching" sounds like the opener of a Terrence Dixon EP. However, the credit for the track and entire EP goes to the Ukrainian producer Stanislav Tolkachev, now increasingly listed among the top players of contemporary techno.
Tolkachev's distinctive, jittery style has not always won my heart but now it's different. The new EP on Semantica is full of passionate programming for heating up the floor; just take "White Blood Cell" and the title cut "Right Angle" for that. The last one, "Past", is more restrained while marching amidst the haze of dubs.
All four cuts assure Tolkachev, hailing from Ukraine's fourth largest city Dnipro-petrovsk, has chosen the right angle and another proof of that is found on the new Geophone mini-comp.

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18 September 2014

ANOPOLIS - ΑΚΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ (Lower Parts LP005 - 2014)

A group of ladies in traditional black, pictured in old Turkish street of Thessaloniki in 1902. The sleeve predicts a folk music mashup but in this respect, the visual appearance is deceptive. "ΑΚΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ" is a truly appealing platter of acid house in Greek style conceived by Anopolis, a producer collective from Thessaloniki.
So the Athens-based label Lower Parts has published four variations on the theme Anopolis, pressed in white wax. The opener "Anopolis 2" differs from the rest, as it is synth-soaked electro disco I am tempted to compare with Rude 66's recent jams on Bordello A Parigi. Biting acid funk in "Anopolis 5" recalls the glorious days of 303 Nation, less the 303, while the B-side gets seriously caustic. First The Minister & Manager 111 aka Andreas Gehm, here operating under the Elec PT.1 alias, disintegrates the opener to a massively bubbling and slapping tune and "Anopolis 11" is the most hazardous of the bunch with callous bass line and noisy effects.
An energising effort by the Anopolis guys DimDJ, Drum Machinee, Lowjac and Oldman Talkin'. Whereas they are not jealous to disclose the applied hardware, e.g. TR505, TR707, ESX1, and the sleeve design is great too.

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17 September 2014

Sleeparchive & Mike Parker - Untitled (Repitch RPTCH04 - 2014)

Release date is in September 2014
Well-known hardliners from Repitch expand the roster with two famed producers. Berlin's Sleeparchive aka Roger Semsroth has gone a long way after emerging in 2004 with bleepy, Sähkö-inspired minimalism in "Recycle EP". Recent outings on Tresor and some remix duties have exposed the artist's rugged side and it is not any different in the new split EP.
Whereas the recycling factor cannot be overseen: Darksome opener "Fifth Station" is a solid reminder of 1990s hardware jams of Downwards and consorts, from the times before the schranz hit. Closing the A-side, "White Angel Breadline" approaches Sleeparchive's early minimalist swing and simultaneously refers to old Plus 8 material, the bass line going like in "F.U. 2" by F.U.S.E. It is important to mention that two locked grooves inbetween are brilliant DJ tools for eternity, "Loop 1" successfully tested in this mix.
Then from Berlin to Buffalo, for two tracks by Mike Parker, a man with even longer production experience. It was only recently when I learned that 20 years ago Parker was behind "Belong" by Trybet, a project which paved the way to Parker's own Geophone label in 1997.
Lecturing fine art at the State University of New York in Buffalo, Parker is well attached to the life outside the music and his material reflects a rational, precise production style. Rather dry, even scholastic approach to the programming has been changing gradually in favor of rougher tracks, recently heard on Geophone and Mote Evolver.
Definitely, the signing for Repitch was an invitation to sound wild and this is what Parker exactly does here. "Flying Nerves" is a sonic expression of neurogenesis in the subgranular zone, with nerve cells bombed by bloated textures. The second one, "Lustrum" makes a symbolic nod to his recent album "Lustrations" on Prologue, running on razor-sharp sequence and maddening bass to the fringes of hypnosis. Serious tools for catering hungry techno crowds.

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16 September 2014

The Magnecian - Medea (Autochtone_3 - 2014)

"Medea" is exactly the kind of a record to go with a cup of morning latte after hard night out. Not distracting the neighbours and in the same revitalizing the strained body. A whiff of dub and delicate groove make "Nostalgia" the most pleasing cut of the twelve. Despite of dramatic title, "Your Suffering Is Mine" keeps a restrained mood while "Deleterious" rolls along with acid bits. The three-tracker mastered by Stefan Betke aka Pole comes from The Magnecian, which is an alias of Greek producer Stathis Kalatzis, so far primarily known as Mr. Statik.

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12 September 2014

D. Carbone - Anomalies EP (Mord 011 - 2014)

Another session of intrepid acid techno by the Berlin-based Italian D. Carbone, this time paying a visit to Bas Mooy's Mord imprint. Relying on the formulas developed in his Repitch labs of industrial techno, unstoppable Carbone serves with "Anomalies EP" another set of machine-driven rudities.
Acid showers and boisterous kick drum show the way in "Irritating Collapse", getting seriously off the leash after the mid-track drop. The the post-collapse phase is led by linear darkside mover "Origin", the most conventional track of the EP.
Dramatic events continue on the B-side, opening with a devastating tidal wave called "Discernment" good for physical punishment. Of different breed is "Machine Elves", falling to the dark ambient territory without making the impression of compulsory "downtempo" fill-in. As an expression of mythological force, its ultra-slow distorted bass and glistening pad sequence address both the Beauty and the Beast.

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05 September 2014

Mike Dred - Techno Satellites (Machine Codes CODE1100 - 2014)

Without any promo drumming, Michael Cullan aka Mike Dred has dropped a 11-track acid album "Techno Satellites", out digitally on Dred's own Machine Codes label.
Dred has been part of techno's evolution for over 20 years and produced several memorable tracks like "Macrocosm", still one of my fave acid excursions. Some of his glitchy IDM experiments under the Kosmik Kommando alias left me a bit puzzled but the new album shows again Dred's wealth of production skills.
Perhaps 70 minutes of acid in one go is too exhausting experience but the selection allows to find own favorites. Mine are "Pasiphaë" with biting sawtooth sequence, then bittersweet rave-age groover "Telesto" and fast lane experience "Hydra". "Techno Satellites" is currently available from Dred's Bandcamp page and the vinyl version will depend on expected demand.

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02 September 2014

Juno Chart 08/2014: Aisha Devi, Surgeon, Anopolis, Perc & Truss, OB Ignitt

A selection of most exciting records from August. Switzerland's Aisha Devi, replacing her Kate Wax alias with the real name, impresses with hardcore-inclined experimental EP "Hakken Dub/Throat Dub" on own Danse Noire imprint. Seasoned techno pal Surgeon still in strong form, dropping "Fixed Action Pattern", a two-tracker of infectous grooves and deep drones. Greece is calling when Anopolis collective surfs in the waves of cosmic disco and acid house and for eardrum challenge UK heads Perc & Truss come up with "Two Hundred". Real Detroit sound can be enjoyed on OB Ignitt's new EP and TOP 6 is wrapped up with dark compressor beats by Monica Hits The Ground.

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01 September 2014

Terminal 313 Podcast (August 2014)

Tracklist with buy links:
1. R-Zone - Xochi's Awakening (R-Zone)
2. Sendai - Directive (Monad XVIII Stroboscopic Artefacts)
3. Svaag – Sade (Semantica)*
4. Rrose - Drowned by Sight (Stroboscopic Artefacts)*
5. As Patria - The World (Attic Music)*
6. Voiski - Ode To A Model (Sheik’N’Beik)*
7. Edit Select & Teste - Ascend (edit select)
8. Fanon Flowers - Vultures Circling 1 (Planet Rhythm)
9. Killawatt - Convoys (Run Out Run)*
10. Jamie Curnock – Scavenger (Onnset)*
11. Reeko & Exium – Circuit 1 (Mental Disorder)*
12. Oscar Mulero - Epley Manoeuvre (Warm-Up Recordings)
13. Perc - Tri-City (Stroboscopic Artefacts)*
14. Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern (TOKEN)
15. Tony Capstick-Carlton Main & Frickley Colliery Band - Capstick Comes Home (Dingle’s Records)
16. Perc & Truss - Judd (Perc Trax)
17. Martyn Hare - The Bitter Pill (Darkcell Remix) (Emetic)*
18. Stef Mendesidis – Edict (Semantica Exhibition Design)
19. D. Carbone - Irritating Collapse (Mord)*
20. Mescalinium United - We Have Arrived (Planet Core Productions)
21. Valved - Tipping Point (AnD Tipped Over The Edge & Back Again Remix) (Trensmat)
22. Sleeparchive - Loop 1 (Repitch)*
23. Cube 40 - Bad Computa Version (Force Inc Music Works)
24. Beau Wanzer – Lotraf (Nation)
25. Ulwhednar - Midvinter 2 (Northern Electronics)
*unreleased as of today