31 January 2010

Cheap And Deep Productions - Words, Breaths And Pauses (Cheap and Deep 01) - 10/10

The snowbanks outside provide inspiration to compare this release with an avalanche. It's as powerful and overwhelming but, unlike the unharnessed power of the nature, this experience is taking you over in slower motion - till you find yourself buried under it.
The first, title track, has mechanic beats as well as Uta Adler's breaths and pauses. You sit like on board of an icebreaker pushing through a frozen sea with engines under heavy pressure; vibration and chugging goes to the bone. Supremacy of the machines par excellence that we hear also on the B1-track "Tight" with ghostly echoes and voices. "Darkroom Beats" paints a picture of a 30-square-meter cellar, the walls clad in black plastic, where strobes are gone mad. Again, the pace is not making you dizzy but atmosphere is darker.
Irishman Jay Ahern created with Stefan Schneider under the Hauntologists moniker two impressive EPs. The current one, co-produced by Serbian Goran Simonski, is a piece of art for this new label.

Various - Music From Mathematics Vol. 1 (Mathematics Recordings 030) - 8/10

Chicago v. 2.0 - this label of Poindexter and Moss carries proudly the flame that was lit in the 80's in Windy City, and they excel both in yield and quality. Current compilation has again picked up various musical influences and starts with Sir KaTie and "Shout" that speaks to all Tears For Fears fans and brings up great memories. DM's familiar chords are soon overrun by a disoriented jam session where we could hear pieces of "Robots". 
Marcello Napoletano's "Space Voodoo" is dashing soundtrack for congregations of wild tribes, a stylish tribal piece guided by snare drum.
On the flip Olfryght's "A Hand In The Sky" that gallops along with a kind assistance of disco beat and vocoder and reminds of Whirlpool Productions' club smash "From Disco to Disco" several years ago. We sign off here with a menacing "2 Live & Die", done by I.B.M. Presents Violence FM and here we have a metallic ride. Nice job, guys.