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After being electronic music fan and scene activist since the beginning of 1990s, I started writing brief reviews for myself, around 2005. Thereafter started a blog in my native Estonian, before launching Terminal 313 in the beginning of 2010. As a vinyl collector I initially focused on my acquisitions, but then, surprisingly, started receiving promos. If you feel I might cover your release please send me sound samples and/or files.

How do I work with promos? I post them with artwork and mixed sound samples, received from the artist or label. So if you are against sharing sounds and/or artwork before the release date, please let me know. Also, if you have an embargo date for publicizing details about the release, please let me know. This is not my job, this is my hobby, and I would like to have fun out of that - for anybody concerned.

All posts tagged "promo" mean that a label or promoter has sent me a full release for reviewing. All other posts are about the releases in my collection or based on publicly available streams. In recent times I embed increasingly streams from Soundcloud or Bandcamp for better listening experience.

My e-mail is info(at)

Janno (Terminal 313)

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