31 December 2011

Stingray - Enters The Unknown (UTTU 005)

Rating: 8/10
After strong releases on Viennese label Trust and his own imprint Micron Audio, Detroit's Stingray313 strikes again, now in collaboration with DJ Haus for the Unknown To The Unknown label.
A1 is for speed racers as it runs like on 45 and offers wild breakbeat staccato with deutsch vocoder. "The Sadist Pt 2", a fatter version of the original with vocoder interference and melancholic synth hooks in the background. The B-side is conquered by remixers who disintegrate the original into two fine versions - Dopplereffekt scientist Heinrich Mueller is lost in micro schemes and Cestrian's work is an interpretation in classic electro vein.
Stingray313's recent output confirm him going his own way and the media should stop crediting him as "only" a DJ of a legendary Detroit electro act, which name starts with D.


23 December 2011

Rrose - Merchant Of Salt (Sandwell District SD19)

Rating: 9/10
Sandwell District is rocking again, one year after gorgeous "Feed-Forward" album, and with Rrose's second single expands the catalog with another push of turbo-charged techno. A signing of 2011, Rrose delivers two taut cuts, starting with flashlights and subtle drones in "Shepherd's Brine". Dramatic breaks and evil synth serpentines are applied to irritate any residential area.
"Waterfall" on the B-side drops the speed, but this steak is served as raw. Patients carving for lobotomy are admitted from the four-minute mark onwards, being before hit by huge copper-plated sonic pendulum. Love the title, "Merchant Of Salt", too - it expresses both hope and despair.


20 December 2011

Drexciya - Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I (Clone Classic Cuts - C#CC22CD)

Rating: 10/10
"Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I" is for Terminal 313 and any other electro head the most anticipated reissue of 2011. In fact a compilation, it catapults us back to the 1990's when enigmatic Detroit act was still around. No need to repeat numerous superlatives that have been associated with James Stinson's and Gerald Donald's project over the years - just give us the music.
It's like meeting old friends again, with most tracks known from original releases and "The Quest", so far the only CD compilation of Drexciya's work. Included are "Wavejumper", an anthem of aquatic commandos, "Bubble Metropolis" with it's radio drama intro and smooth electro beats, B-boy boogie in "Take Your Mind", mathematical vocoder in "Rubick's Cube", lab-sterile Dopplereffekt soundbites in "Dehydration" and many others. Exclusive to the release is "Unknown Journey I", a fine daydreaming electro piece with background boom-boom and a real hidden gem.
Starting a series of four compilations, Rotterdam's Clone label has made a monumental step in sharing the legacy of Detroit's electro innovators. Vinyl is on order, but decided to go also for the CD in nice digibook case, especially when the track lists are identical.


19 December 2011

Nuel - Trance Mutation (Further Records - Fur 038)

Rating: 10/10
Close the door and enter the relaxation chamber with oil massage and fish therapy. Manuel Fogliata a.k.a. Nuel operates a spa of sounds to purify minds and bodies. After a couple of technoid releases, most recently for enigmatic Aquaplano Limited series, it's quite unexpected to hear the Italian on such a esoteric tip. Looking at the publisher, Further Records, the absence of booming drones is not a surprise, if we just think on fellow Italian's Donato Dozzy's album on the Seattle imprint last year.
At first sight the orange vinyl in silk-screen printed Ancient Egypt cover depicting ibis-headed god Thoth - one extra point for that - may possess a low techno quotient, but the album, as an uninterrupted hommage to repetition, gives another perspective how to perceive techno. Downtempo polyrhythmic excursions with guitars and analog percussion lend to "Trance Mutation" a new age feel without drifting away from the rhythm structures of floor-targeting ammunition.
Listened to the album three times in a row, which happens rarely, and not because of finding it difficult to access, but because with its hypnotic loops and well-dosed melodies it gradually became a part of ambiance. If asked about favorite tracks then I would mention "Correspondence", "Polarity", and especially "Rhythm", which is like a journey up to Machu Picchu, but essentially it's one entirety.
By making "Trance Mutation" feeling very live and acoustic, it might find wider audience even among those who see electronic artists as ambassadors of soulless noise. A soothing experience for this time of the year.

18 December 2011

Alva Noto - Univrs (Raster-Noton - r-n 133-2)

Rating: 9/10
Pff...dff...zhlkk...ghzz. A rational mind has spoken and composed fourteen interpretations on the theme "Uni". Despite built on metallic loops and particle noise, the album sounds very sterile, coming like from a whitewashed, even clinical environment.
Among the tracks you find experiments with Balinese bells and asymmetric sound channels, will be exposed to the low bass strewn with Morse signals and followed by the hydraulic steps of a rhythm giant.
My favorite is "Uni Acronym", a monotone cooperation with voice performer Anne-James Chaton, who recites three-letter-abbreviations like KGB, NGO, TGV, UPS, etc.
Occasionally reminding of Pan Sonic and Autechre, the album is a a fine example of machine rage. In this manifestation of pedantic conceptualism nothing seems to be accidental.

14 December 2011

San Proper - Groundfloor Afterlife (Studio Soulrock STUDIOS006)

Rating: 9/10
Good thing about record stores is that you end up buying artists that you consider "unknown" until the act of purchase. San Proper did not ring any bells until listening moments at Rush Hour Amsterdam, now it seems to be among best releases of this month. Home spinning confirmed the choice to be excellent with Amsterdamer's scarce beats and stripped-down house arrangements.
On the A-side San Proper has sneaked into financial district elevators with his field recording equipment to examine the charms of lower spheres of high-rises. Hypnotic humming-along and bony percussion mixed with noises from the world of motors and sultry voices make "Groundfloor (UpfromdaWall&on...)" a good choice for any demanding dance floor.
"Berlin Afterlife" combines aircraft noise, xylophonic bells and public transport-related voice samples for a tranced-out deep house cut. Two extra long tracks between Giegling, Kassem Mosse and Hauntologists. Einsteigen, bitte!


11 December 2011

Falke - Undermyarms (Kann Records KANN 09)

Rating: 8/10
Kann Records from Leipzig made a debut with impressive double pack in 2008 and current vinyl by Falke confirms the label on the top German deep house scene.
"Undermyarms" is a track with two faces: first minutes are dominated by heavy bass heralding a tribute to darker acid house, but then piano and panpipes are unveiled for a smoother trip. Grooves get so dreamy and even trancy that Cosmic Baby or DJ Dag would be obvious choices for remixes.
"Late Night" combines the deeper sides of house with simple, but consistent acid lines while "Flying" is built on a unpretentious bass moves reminding of italo patterns, so here I would invite Nancy Fortune to lend her sexy voice to a vocal version.
Innovation is not the strongest feature of this record, but Falke has managed to combine a puzzle from colorful elements of the house music history. A positive release that brightens up your day. This spot in the skies of house music is in fact a falcon carried by strong protein-filled wings.


05 December 2011

KPLR - Untitled (Digitalis Recordings digiv037)

Rating: 9/10
KPLR has enslaved technology to conduct high-end acid experiments with punishing repetition and whirling EQ-effects. It's pure unlimited programming that systematically avoids looking into the books of current techno idols. Occasionally the tracks remind of early Bunker output like Acid Planet, but those looking for bass-driven 303 slammers will be surprised. Also, the act has shown courage to resist the bass obsession by finding attraction in treble levels of the sound. It seems KPLR has noticed tiny elements in acid patterns, picked them up and built entire tracks around them.
No ambient intros, no gradual introduction to the theme, because the opener "cirkuit syntax" is a short but drilling exercise that is followed by a twin brother called "timespan". "tny mzk" has lost all the vowels and sounds like a small vicious bird, while "tny mzk (cw bll)" fuses mutilated voices and cymbals.
If you think the LP is uneasy home listening for weirdo tech-heads, then please meet a bundle of three tracks related to "cirkuit". All of them are for moments when the floor asks for a little extra after a straining techno night. Armada of synth effects and rusty analog loops rule in "cirkuit rn#1", mixed with cacophony of short-wave radio bands. "cirkuit rn#2" reminds slightly of early UK techno, e.g. "House Of God", while "cirkuit rn#3" is stamped with hardcore and punk textures. Finally, deep bass enters the stage in "Sub Hype", in unison with beeps and creaks.
KPLR's previous release "TEK NO MUZIK" made old raver's heart beating because of retro techno semantics and made to anticipate the duo's further explorations in the sound. The new album confirms KPLR (now Dexter Brightman only, earlier release were done together with Jair Espinoza) as an artist who does not pick up common templates.
Digitalis, a label that ventures on exciting paths of the contemporary electronic music, has been an essential outlet in 2011. The label policy is very unpredictable, if we only compare KPLR's fireworks with ambient and synth excursions by Jürgen Müller or Ricardo Donoso, whose "Progress Chance" belongs to my favorite releases this year.

01 December 2011

11/2011: Darkestral, Sandwell District, Kann

November was a month of several quality releases that required to extend the Terminal 313 top at Juno to twenty entries. Label of the month title goes to Darkestral that tops the ranking with "Last Train To Lexington", a raw electro two-tracker by Transportation AAD. In the third spot is "Darkestral EP", a various artists release featuring Grey Goo, Vaalhaala and Transportation AAD with tracks ranging from fine-painted electro to dark ambient sounding cuts. Another winner is Sandwell District, recently excelling with high-voltage techno by Rrose ("Merchant Of Salt") and by Silent Servant ("Hynosis In The Modern Age").
Since its launch I've kept an eye on the output of Germany's Kann Records that adds another beautiful deep house release "Undermyarms" by Falke. More train themes come from Ex-Cabaret Voltaire man Chris Watson, who (field-)recorded in Mexico a concept album for Touch, which issued two remixed tracks on a nice EP called "El Tren Fantasma".
Good stuff also by K Alexi Shelby, Karl O'Connor, KXP and many others. Although I usually do not add represses/reissues to the ranking, the 2011 release of Boo Williams's classic "Home Town Chicago" is worth a special mention.
Direct link to the chart.

25 November 2011

DUST OFF: Drexciya – Aquatic Invasion (UR-030 - 1995)

The countdown has begun to the reissue of the year. "Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller", the first in Drexciya's retrospective, is brought to us by Clone Classic Cuts in December 2011. Those in possession of hard-to-find original EPs might be irritated about this mission, but I think Clone is doing a great favor to the community in sharing the legacy of Detroit's ingenious electro act.
In anticipation it's good to recall "Aquatic Invasion" from 1995, Drexciya's most electrifying assault. Two excellent cuts of pit bull electro: in "The Countdown Has Begun" one can't escape hammering analog gear, spiced with gloomy proclamations. "Wavejumper" is an anthem to a legion of immortal frogmen combating the waves of the Atlantic. Somewhat calmer notes for the end, when we resurface to the sun in "Sighting The Abyss".
The EP is from the harder end of Drexciya's productions sharing some features with their L.A.M. (Life After Mutation) project on Detroit's Hardwax. A real treasure by deep sea dwellers.

23 November 2011

Blender techno

This year we have witnessed the invasion of wired punks moving on the fringe of electronic music. Hailing often from small-town America and ignoring the trends of the techno jetset, this new breed of artists has stirred up the scene in 2011. KPLR, Container, Red Stars Over Tokyo, Pete Swanson, Vatican Shadow, to name a few of them, have gained much respect and sheer admiration.
There is a perfectly drafted piece on this phenomenon by Mnml Ssgs guys where the new direction in electronic music is dubbed "post-techno". Fits pretty well in my view, the only thing is that "post" is a quite common attribution, in music also used for ambient and IDM; I also remember that Leo Anibaldi's output was once described "post-acid", and there are more "post"-things".
It's an endless discussion how to call music styles, but I still share my associations with the new direction in electronic music.It's a blend of different styles like techno, IDM, acid, noise, synth-pop, dark ambient, psychedelic rock, folk, just name it. All that thrown into one pot and jammed together by razor-sharp blades of a blender machine.
For those needing introduction to blender techno, two suggestions from the 14 Tracks series by Boomkat: bundles of psychotic repetition and from the outside looking in are a good start to delve into the scene. And "psychotic techno" is a great definition too ...

15 November 2011

Various – Groove 133 / CD 42

Rating: 7/10
Some good ones on this Groove compilation. Let's start with a Mexican who loves machines and combines them with traditional instruments: like a godchild of Liaisons Dangereuses, Rebolledo rocks big time in "Steady Gear Rebo Machine" with monotone percussion - a pretty angry track that makes curious about the man's recent album
Then Semantica - there is a short feature about the Spanish label in the magazine - is represented by E.R.P. with placid and deep electro track "Repose", which gets the beauty award of this comp.
"Human Like Us" from the new album of Planetary Assault Systems is an oxygen-filled techno cut and Detroit is represented by Reel By Real, "Switchback" pulled from Martin Bonds's first and recent album "Surkit Chamber - The Melding". Frau Ursula Bogner emits sinusoids from her vintage sound room while Kuedo's melancholic synth showers in "Ant City" give a taste of great album released by Planet Mu.
The Oliverwho Factory is another strong addition to the Rush Hour roster, letting smooth Copacabana house to flow in "Galactic Transit (Recall Mix)". Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra's crawling "Moving In A Backchat Room" is a neat one too. Finnish act Renaissance Man introduces a cut from a new album on Turbo. "Ultra Thizz" offers glittering boogie-step by Rustie and Oneohtrix Point Never's "Sleep Dealer" is a sound and voice collage.
Full track list and sound samples are here.

14 November 2011

DUST OFF: K-Alexi – All For Lee-Sah (Transmat MS-8)

My hands start to caress you, down from the shoulders to your waist... Once did a tape for my girl and the title track had to be there, for sure. A piece of vinyl sexy as hell, being a good match to Lil Louis's "French Kiss" in this particular category, it offers many other qualities too.
Keith Alexi Shelby is from Chicago and he used not to belong to the first wave of Windy City producers, but still became a prolific sound writer with releases also on European labels like Djax, ACV.
Transmat and acid house is not an obvious combination. Although at the end of 1980's the label was hooked up with smiley hysteria and released a few acid house records, this one being the best of them.
As said, really no strings attached in ultra-sensual "All For Lee-Sah", that is not a straightforward floor burner, but a chaotic mix of lazy beats and stoned vocals, on a snare and hi-hat backdrop, getting really ecstatic towards the end. "My Medusa" is a monotone jacking and beeping cut, feels like seeing your twisted and stretched figure in a fun-house-mirror. For the end with "Vertigo" a proper Chicago acid workout.
This one is a repress and even Discogs can't tell when it came out. I guess in 1995 or 1996, drop some comments if you know more.

02 November 2011

Stingray313 - Electronic Countermeasures (Micron Audio MCR00002)

Rating: 9/10
Amidst the wires of copper and plastic, Stingray313 travels in a jungle of semiconductors to drop another futuristic session for electro heads. Billed earlier as "Drexciyan DJ", the masked man from Detroit is gradually navigating on his own ways and is clearly positioned in the frontline of contemporary electro.
"Electronic Countermeasures" contains four magnetizing, equally strong cuts that kick and vibrate under a veil of darkness. Gloomy vocal sample lends horror movie feeling to "Signal Analysis", the rest are precisely constructed instrumental transmissions with hints of experimental techno. "Spread Spectrum" is the culmination with a shower of obscure voices and killer beats.
Luckily last year's superb [Naked Lunch] single has seen good follow-up in 2011 with three Stingray313 releases so far, on labels like Trust and Unknown To The Unknown. Now with his own imprint Micron Audio, Ingram reinforces his pivotal role in the electro scene. I keep looking out after his new stuff.


01 November 2011

10/2011: Red Stars Over Tokyo, Alva Noto, Stingray

Long formats with experimental angle dominated my Juno charts in October. Was pleased to learn that Red Stars Over Tokyo did a great mini-LP "Hits Of Sunshine", containing both ambient warmth and pulsating bass. Grinding sounds in excess are found on Alva Noto's (Carsten Nicolai) "Univrs", released by German experimental imprint Raster-Noton. Sherard Ingram is becoming a resident in top three, this time under the moniker Stingray Enters The Unknown. The release has two versions of "The Sadist" plus reworks by electro luminaries like Heinrich Müller and Cestrian. The fourth spot goes to Zeal, a new artist with strong mix of techno, electro and breakbeats. Kuedo's synth odyssey on Planet Mu was among top albums last month and Sweden's enigmatic Abdulla Rashim is a front runner of the droning techno scene.

26 October 2011

OLD TAPE: Digital orgasms and nightmares from 1991

Recorded from Finnish public radio channel called Radiomafia, the mix contains many usual suspects of the rave scene from the beginning of 1990's. It's not really underground, because acts like Channel X, Digital Orgasm, MNO, Holy Noise were found on many major compilations that time. But after a break of several years, it's like meeting old friends again. 

23 October 2011

Red Stars Over Tokyo - Hits Of Sunshine (Hot Hair 04)

Rating: 9/10
Never heard about the Red Stars Over Tokyo before. The act name promised an atmospheric affair, as did the album title "Hits Of Sunshine". Had a strong feeling of prejudice of being affronted with sounds that are good for watering the plants. Not true, it offers much more.
The title track is, as expected, a lush electronic composition, although minimalistic humming interference closer to the end hints that this might not be so mellow thing. Also in "Lost Trace" the beats are still buried, but odd voices reminding of sacral choir and secretive whispers indicate a small change.
Only when you think it's really sofa music, the gates are slammed open and a cavalry of freaky beats is unleashed in "I Can Hear Your Breathing Heart", reminding of diluted Zhark-like loop machine. The track is twinned with B-side's "March Comes In Like A Lion", both reminding of Container's LP on Spectrum Spools.
In turn "Endless Dreaming", "Imaginary Landscapes" and the concluding "The Long Day Closes" are of fragile nature again, seeking the ultimate beauty with synths while not abandoning pulsating bass beneath the surface. I'm obviously lacking words when describing this mini-LP, the music tells for itself. Deserved to be played on repeat.


Blawan - What You Do With What You Have (R & S Records RS 1108)

Rating: 9/10
Blawan got the message: If the label's slogan says In order to dance, one has to come with a dance record. Having sprayed Si Begg's and Cristian Vogel's historical techno funk with large blobs of acid, out comes a distinctive release to be sent through big systems during Notting Hill carnival.
Timidity is not something for Blawan as he enters the saloon with doors banging. "What You Do With What You Have" uses a vocal sample by Moodymann for a non-deep-house, but acidified analog monster. On the flip, in "Vibe Decorium" abrasive beats get some extra weight, feeling well in a bubblebath.
With "What Do You ..." Blawan challenges current techno scene that has sunken too deep into stripped down and droning sounds. This very extrovert record might open a new, a bit retro-sounding direction in contemporary electronic music.
R&S's back catalogue is largely who is who and what is what of the 90's techno. Now with Blawan's newest single the legendary Belgian imprint confirms it has a serious comeback going on.


20 October 2011

Innercity - N/A (NNA Tapes 033)

Rating: 8/10
This music is difficult to fit into tight places as it needs high ceilings. Cathedrals would suit the best, especially for the A-side's "Dada Les Apocalypses". Solemn droning organ music, both festive and menacing, for the very last minutes before the final demise.
Witches would like distorted pumping lo-fi in "The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium" that goes also easily over quota of sound decadence.
Innercity is not a project of Kevin Saunderson - the Detroiter founded Inner City - but conceived by Hans Dens, a Belgian artist who literally caused a flood of releases since 2010. Current seven-inch works as an appetizer for Dens's new LP called "Terrestreality".

13 October 2011

Smoke Machine Podcast: Abdulla Rashim

Taipei techno squad Smoke Machine offers pure quality with its guest mixes and now it's the turn of Abdulla Rashim from Sweden to be on the decks. Once his biography claimed he hails from a tribe in Botswana and after years of hardship has found redemption in 4/4 beats, yes indeed ... Still Rashim, whatever is his real name, did an impressive debut in 2011 and recently issued the second EP of droning techno called "Asayita".
  Smoke Machine Podcast 028 Abdulla Rashim

For a preview of "Endasilasie", out in October 2012 on Abdulla Rashim Records, click here.

11 October 2011

The Amazing Births - Younger Moon (Cylindrical Habitat Modules 55)

Rating: 8/10
It's the turn of Westlake, Ohio to put another US city on the map of a new electronics acts. Whereas The Amazing Births is not a rookie thing, as both members, Julian Gulyas and Mark McGuire, have made music in several groups. Still it's their first LP, after two cassette releases on Cylindrical Habitat Modules.
Electronics and synthesizers are the protagonists but seeing it as another synth and drone album would be a very untrue assumption. The textures are smudged and rather warm, except in the A2 track "P.K. Ripper" with a dramatic melange of voices and subtle pulsating bass sounding like sharp-edged interpretation of Wendy Carlos' work.
Bits and bytes are oscillating in beatless mode in the opener "Dial Out", which expresses the moods of early stages of information society, when future of computing was seen in Eniac. On the flip, guitar-backed electronic narrative "Whelm" is the closest to what could be described as new age sound. 
For the end comes "Eclipsed By The Younger Moon", a bit melancholic piece for those standing at the window and looking how the sun plays on little fishes in aquarium, before the synths start showing a grim face. Forty minutes of lush sounds that require listener's attention for full enjoyment

09 October 2011

DUST OFF: Carlos Perón - Impersonator II (Play It Again Sam 116 LP - 1988)

This record is just screaming out loud: Welcome to Bela Lugosi disco. The horror screen hero himself makes a posthumous appearance in "Galadiner With Boris The Vampyr", in a track from the experimental end of the album, which is full of filthy EBM and industrial with mashed voices and vocals.
Lugosi is not the only celebrity here, as Dieter Meier of Yello recites in another macabre piece titled "Happy New Year", also written by him. Meier's input is not surprising because Carlos Perón, the mastermind behind the album, was part of Jurassic Yello and left the band in 1984 to pursue his nocturnal operations.
The first beats in "A Dirty Song" make clear that here we face twilight, underlined by theatrical vocals of Canadian Jaymz Bee who sounds like a younger brother of Alan Vega. Hysterical "The Hate Song", black leather boogie "10.000 Zippers" and "Commando IV" will appeal to any Gothic dance floor. If we add manic synth staccato in "Popt In Riga" (Hello Latvia!), ready is an occult ceremony led by Dr Faustus of the industrial scene.
Perón's following years were very productive, with a number of albums that seemingly follow the same dark paths of the 1988 release.

04 October 2011

09/2011: Kassem Mosse, Blawan, Mark Ernestus

The last month's chart generated in Juno sees Kassem Mosse leading the game with "Enoha EP", a percussive deep house experience in electro dressing. Blawan is another guy to watch out and although his EP on tradition-filled imprint R&S received controversial critics, it's a blatant mixture of techno and house. Mark Ernestus Meets BBC delivers two superb versions of dehydrated dub techno, while Consequence comes with surreal and depressing ambient and bass. Mu EP was a strong start for Japanese 10 Label, featuring also Ancient Methods, and "Lostbahnhof" by Lada goes along the same ways of industrialized techno. Ricardo Donoso would have made to the Top Three, only it's a pity that the LP is not stocked in Juno yet.

28 September 2011

Ricardo Donoso – Progress Chance (Digitalis DIGIV006)

Rating: 9/10
Senhor Ricardo has spent quality time in his studio (or bedroom?) with companions like Korg MS2000R, Yamaha DX7 and others to tell us how the emeralds sound. Yes, he's is originally from Brazil, now living and working in Boston, but I would not fiddle on his background to seek associations with rainforests or Amazon. Because this is universal music where some of inspiration might have come from historical synth wizards, but this is definitely not another new age-minded synth record.
Still entire LP would work as efficient music therapy for strained minds and bodies. Already the introductory  "Chrome Decadence" caresses softly, thereafter in "Klatu" the rainbow emerges in the horizon and a distant astronaut's voice is transmitted to us. "Baiting Disappointment" is hovering ambient piece and then comes absolute highlight, "The Deck Of An Ancient Ship", a tranquilizing composition that floats like a majestic vessel. On the flip, "Morning Criminal" and two other tracks continue the journey in deep and floating mood
The record carries some idealism and search for a better and harmonic world, summed up in anti-gravitational tunes for your inner self.

22 September 2011

Various - 14 Tracks Of Psychotic Repetition (Boomkat bundle_178)

Rating: 9/10
Boomkat continues the 14 Tracks series with a digital bundle that could easily be the compilation of the year, especially for those who value venturous electronic sounds. I hardly buy any digital releases but seeing a number of exciting artists here, I did not hesitate a moment.
The entire thing is like 21th Century Woodstock with electronic reincarnations of Jimi Hendrix and Grateful Dead. A colorful  hippie camp emits intoxicating lo-fi sound layers and stir up the surroundings. A parallel with Woodstock is not far-fetched as the compilation might be easily titled "The Power of New American Sound", the lion's share of the artists coming from the US.
It's a mixture of a number of electrified prog rock sabbaths (Innercity, Diamond Catalog), explorations of  galactic vastness (Cruise Family, Ricardo Donoso, Mark Fell, Astral Social Club), runaway bass experiments (Ekoplekz, Lukid), werewolf waltzers (Oneohtrix Point Never), obscure beeping and oscillating orgies (Antti Rannisto and Ben Vida, who really goes to the limits) and dark orchestration (Vatican Shadow). Plus Container's perilous nu techno and Hieroglyphic Being's familiar jacking rhythms.
Highly recommended for understanding how does the future of electronic music sound. Just switch it on and get a blazing party of almost two hours.
Listen and buy

09 September 2011

Kassem Mosse - Enoha EP (NONPLUS016)

Rating: 9/10
A test pressing of Non Plus Records presents a new EP by Kassem Mosse, mainly known for his much-praised Workshop and Mikrodisko releases. Often difficult to file under any particular subgenre, Gunnar Wendel is an electronic artist who continues to pursue cross-breeding of techno, house, electro and others.
The nine-minute-long "Enoha" is a linear trip with strong percussive elements and bumblebee bass, thus carrying clear floor potential and partly reminding of what Cheap And Deep Productions has done. "GS02" is a laid-back electro cut that floats in the wake of Doctor Blowfin's Water Cruiser, surrounded by electric stingrays and jellyfish of the warm seas.
B-side's "Inswanna" returns to rhythmic textures of the title track, pumping your veins full of fat and dry percussion, the greats of Chicago would have been proud of. For the end comes electro-flavored "Sleepworking", the most sentimental cut of this EP with modulating bass and melodic loops. A well-balanced EP that confirms Kassem Mosse being a rolling stone that gathers no moss. 

OLD TAPE: Coldcut Radio Mix 1992

Another mix from a dusty tape. In 1992 I was a lot into hardcore techno but this insane mix with breaks and ragga shouts was quickly promoted to my favorite mixes. Credited as Coldcut Mix. There is no life on this planet only beneath the surface where we are now...

Coldcut Radio Mix 1992 by terminal313

07 September 2011

DUST OFF: PWOG - Kraak (KK Records 130 - 1995)

In 2011 Dadavistic Orchestra has won many hearts and minds with two beatless LPs in a series called Dokument. For some members of the group, Reinier Brekelmans, Tim Freeman and Robbert Heynen, it was not the first experience to be in the frontline of intellectual electronic music. In the beginning of 1990's they were part of Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia (PWOG) that guided the evolution of tranced-out ambient, for example "Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves ..." is an album worth treasuring.
From PWOG's later phase comes "Kraak", which does not float on ambient waves, but treks in harder trails. "Kraak 1" spits distortions and EQ-effects from the deep throat of techno monster and the rumble goes on in "Kraak 3", a mechanically breathing 12-minute monster, which reminds of the output by Perc Trax and other current industrial techno pals. In between, "Kraak 2" is closest to ambient electronica, a beatless track on alien vox and spheric loops, but still with a generous portion of abstractness. Heavy duty transmissions.

06 September 2011

DUST OFF: Belgian techno mini-mix from 1992

A Radiomafia (FI) recording from 1992, it's labeled "Belgian techno mix" and taped probably from a John Peel show. Was quite a blast when heard it. Pure perfection from the beginning to the end, I'm here once again...
Thanks to Souncloud user Thumpson for helping with track IDs:

Plexus - Raw Mission
Neon - Without Control
Master Techno - My Noise
Roel Butzen - Violent Wake Up

04 September 2011

08/2011: DJ Stingray, Container, Regis

Always keen to learn what DJ Stingray is up to and the new EP, released in August on his own Micron Audio imprint, hit the first slot in Terminal313 charts last month. Container is from the USA, more precisely from Nashville, and lines up with other wild side leftfield electronic producers from the States, like KPLR, Innercity. Regis has been the most talked techno artist in recent months and his contribution to Blackest Ever Black catalog was black-black as expected. Cologne label Magazine came with another strong release and late Conrad Schnitzler's sound library inspired Borngräber and Strüver to a great LP. Perc Trax keeps a busy schedule - Sawf's newest is another blast from harder techno camp.

26 August 2011

Consequence – Symbol #4 (Auxiliary: Symbol AUXSYM004)

Rating: 9/10
Almost missed this record because it was labeled drum'n'bass, the style I've never been much into. After pre-listening it was clear that the fourth release in the Symbol series is cold-blooded sonic freemasonry built on eerie vocal samples, noise and bass abstractions.
Even if the opener "Symbol #4.1" is a derivative of current mainstream dubstep, the rest of the game is ruled by mad experiments with oppressive voices and sounds.
My pick is tingling and humming "Symbol #4.3" that really deserves entire 10 minutes of its existence and is filled with abstract exhibition music, squeezed between impenetrable walls of micronoise.
Cameron McLaren is a courageous sound painter who has mastered dark colors to create surreal compositions. A tasty aperitif for thrilling rites of secret sisterhoods.


24 August 2011

DUST OFF: Two taped hardcore cuts from 1992

Went through my dusty tapes and found a radio recording containing two hardcore tracks from 1992.
The first one is "Power Of Darkness" by Tracid Posse (has nothing to do with Kai Tracid) and released in the heyday of Overdrive Records, a label for nightmare techno - if to recall C-Tank for example.
The second track is ugly as hell and unknown to me, ID please.

18 August 2011

DUST OFF: Andre Holland – City Of Fear (UR.032 - 1995)

Inspired by recent Underground Resistance remasters/reissues, found again a classic that perfectly represents the mid-90's sound aesthetics of UR. In the label's catalog it might seem a bit underrated but in fact offers three tracks of pure excellence by Andre Holland aka The Infiltrator.
For the start meditative electro in "City Of Fear",  like written when the crime is lurking in the streets, as machine guns and police alarms can't be overheard. But the track does not carry any brutality, is just asking in a subtle manner why?
"Inversions" steps away from grim feelings and turns the face to the sun, with merrier chords and hi-tech jazz we know from many UR releases. A perfectly sounding tech-house cut. The machines speak on the B-side called "The Outback" - hardline electro of reverberating pads and booming bass in a nine-minute piece of untamed power.
"City Of Fear" is a great example of Detroit styles and a strong recommendation to anyone for a proper UR feel.

15 August 2011

Voices From The Lake Feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel – Silent Drops E.P. (Prologue 020)

Rating: 9/10
The best moments for enjoying The Voices From The Lake come after the sunset, when dark shadows are cast over a deep-blue lake that is locked between heavy rocks, still carrying the warmth of the sun.
Natural ultramarine would sound like this, if transformed to the music. I really feel like diving into chilly waves of a North Italian lake when listening to the four drops, i.e. untitled cuts, that mainly move on the calmer side of the electronic music, except for the thundering drones in the A2. Nautical and spheric eco-techno that expresses deep beauty of the nature. Just magnifico.

09 August 2011

KPLR – TEK NO MUZIK (Crazy Iris CIR-001)

Rating: 9/10
The guys behind KPLR do not have any clue what's trending. Although Santa Cruz, California, is not supposed to be off-road terrain without any modern means of communication to catch up with the rest of the world.
Because it was Santa Cruz where two pals, Dexter Brightman and Jair Espinoza, did this piece of wax, after a couple of cassette-only releases. Only them and gorgeous analog(-sounding) gear, for unpolished electronics that does not copy hip things in the world of electronic music today.
Titled like a creation of the rave years,  "TEK NO MUZIK" smells underground. Starting from the black-and-white sci-fi artwork till the numerical titles of the four tracks of experimental techno.
KPLR unleashes bubbling energy carried by wall-shaking bass, distorted synth riffs and killer frequencies. On the A-side "18.5.5" is the choice - a furious showdown of unlubricated acid machine emitting razor-sharp sequences. Imagine a bass drum to this beatless track and you will get early Acid Planet sound. B-side is more experimental and again the second track, "20.5.5.", gets more attention, for a more complex and rhythmic trip for leftfield floors.
If you know Strotter Inst., a master of manipulated and prepared turntables, then you find some common features with KPLR. Proper work from the USA.

02 August 2011

Terminal 313 chart at Juno (July 2011)

Italian dominance resumes in the newest chart that is led by Manuel Fogliata aka Nuel. He managed to put new life into stratospheric electro by doing a great four-tracker for the Aquaplano Ltd series. Dominating the global club floors is Levon Vincent who understands the balance between maximum output and minumum input. Tevo Howard's solid package of acid, Chicago house and even italo will get plenty of rotation this summer. Drone priest Giorgio Gigli does not cease to push dark journeys and Miles (Whitaker) made not-easy experiments for Modern Love. Cassegrain, another excellent member of Prologue Records, rounds up the top six. 

29 July 2011

Shitcluster / Unit Moebius Anonymous – Untitled (Chan's 1)

Rating: 9/10
Sounds from the far side where mud people eat stones and are hunted by last remaining pterosaurs. On the A-side it's not even mud, it's the act oddly called Shitcluster that runs its own thing, sharing a bad dream filled with eerie sounds from the caves. City is dying proclaims dystopian voice, accompanying crawling bass for the last rites before the demise. Shitcluster's debut on Bunker some years ago was sheer madness and, fortunately, their state of mind has not showed any signs of improvement since that.
Unit Moebius has been around with re-releases, called the Golden Years series, but UM Anonymous is a spin-off run by Jan Duivenvoorden. Helium voices on hectic breakbeat and monotone agitated percussion carry the track to entire 18 minutes. Creepy machine abstractions from The Hague for well-trained electro heads.

27 July 2011

Nuel – Aquaplano Ltd 03

Rating: 10/10
What I see on the label are the portholes of a flying saucer. What I hear is a stratospheric soundtrack, on the third release of the Aquaplano Ltd series. After droning and hollow techno journeys by Nuel and Mike Parker, it's again the Italian Manuel Fogliata who, instead of going with the flow of darker dubs, opens a new direction for the label and steps into electro fields.
Four untitled pulsating transmissions, more uptempo on the A-side where the play is opened with a functional track, reminding of  DJ Stingray's recent "Sentiment" on [Naked Lunch]. Follows an energetic show-off of cascaded drums. The lighter side of electro comes on the flip where breakbeats are mixed with sultry melodies and floating chords, while B2 has some tranced-out notes and cosmic rock influences. When listening to the B-side the conclusion is that the summer is the perfect moment for issuing such tracks.
Like a true disciple of Marinetti and Drexciya, Nuel has managed to create a futuristic and thriving piece of electro where the joy of making music is well audible. And knowing that Nuel's full-length is in the pipeline at Further Records adds more excitement to the life.

26 July 2011

Raime – The Three Chambers Of Our Entities / Living In The Gaps We Cannot Jump (BLACKESTSE001)

Rating: 9/10
It happened on 6 July 2011 when the edition of 50 copies was sold in a couple of hours, after tweeted by Blackest Ever Black.
Carefully handcrafted good-smelling cardboard package was shipped to several countries of the world, hopefully not to be confiscated by customs.
The surround DVDr contains a 15-minute utterly claustrophobic composition where the main hero struggles to find a way out of the maze. After many minutes of dark ambient hiss, Raime leads out with its trademark distilled percussion. The video fits well to the music - the screen is in pitch-black mode.
The CDr is a mix made for Sonar and extended with two tracks. As anticipated we meet a number of 1980's dark wave and industrial bands - along Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242 and Yellow Magic Orchestra many groups that have enjoyed less limelight. Wild drum dance by Pink Military sounds like the band is Raime's godmother, The Klinik is fond of furious machine poetry, (Hypothetical) Prophet builds a tower of synths and Ike Yard is engaged in shamanism. Another tip is Hula before it starts to feel like at home when Front 242 and YMO close the play.

21 July 2011

Various - Fouke Le Fitz Waryn EP (Crow Castle Cuts 1037)

Rating: 7/10
A medieval story related to crows and castles is behind the 12-inch compilation but instead of gloomy feelings we get six tracks filled with bright sounds from North Wales.
Stamped, and stamped again, edition in grey vinyl might make suspicious but don't worry, the bird-themed compilation has some qualities. Stronger cuts on the A-side, which begins with fine guitar-touched house in "Exotic Guitar" by Maxim Lany & Lemakuhlar, followed by Studio Swiss's chord-driven "Falcons Pass".
After ornithological intermezzo called "Knaresborough Bird" by Glyn Ceriog, the flip contains nu disco flavored tracks by Luv Jam and Taylor Made while Plas Vegas goes back to the house sounds of 2000. Nothing too special but a neat compilation of warm grooves.

20 July 2011

Hype Williams – Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II (Hyperdub HDB052)

Rating: 7/10
Catalog number 52 is my first Hyperdub and my first Hype Williams. The label that introduced Burial might be searching for new directions as I can't find any dubstep here. The question is, what genres does the record represent as in many aspects "Kelly Price ..."  is more art and performance than music.
Four tracks in total and two of them clearly not for the floor. On snarling and clapping synth backdrop, "Rise Up"opens up slowly as a bloom under the rising sun. Spoken-word cut "Badmind" is like picked up from random US radio transmissions dedicated to cultural issues.
The best moments come when funky synths rattle in 80's-electro-flavored "Farthing Wood Dub" and also the most danceable track, smoothly rolling "Boss Man", aligns to that - only it's far too short. Feels like the sketchy EP has been put together in haste instead of taking more time in the studio.
Will not initiate a discussion if Hype Williams are hypnancholic or hypnagogic, they are just different and remain in the frontline among today's electronic bards.

19 July 2011

Levon Vincent – Man Or Mistress (Novel Sound NS-05)

Rating: 9/10
The heat is on in New York and radiating all over the world when Levon V. hits with the fifth release on his Novel Sound imprint.
Three tracks of sublime madness between house and techno start with equivocally named title cut "Man Or Mistress". After leading in with ample bass line, the track spins around like a dervish. Sleazy synth hooks make it a perfect match for watching Russ Meyer’s “Mondo Topless” on mute. In a later phase hysteric horns break in to carry the track towards padded end.
On the B-side, "Making Headway" slams big time with metallic percussion like from a construction site field recording. Feeling too heavy and bulky as standalone track, it becomes a predator DJ tool when mixing into house or techno sets that need some life. "No Regrets" walks on a softer path with broad dubby chords and sensitive vocal I took my chances anyway to express the warmer side of the producer.
The value of “Man Or Mistress” lies in varied sound textures used in each of the three tracks that enable feeling the producer's different emotions during the days that are not the same. Now I can join the chorus of those seeing excellence in Levon Vincent, after having hard time to access "Six Figures".

16 July 2011

Video: Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived (1990)

It was the day when Mescalinum United gave birth to hardcore. With its devastating nature the track literally manifested the arrival of techno's new brutal face. Like a whirlwind it swept over the skyscrapers of Frankfurt and introduced the world to the joys of massive kick drum.
The intro of "We Have Arrived" heralds a mayhem and all obsessed HC fans know what follows. It does not aim at becoming beats-per-minute champion but the track with strong industrial influence carries immense power. In the wake of 1990's it ruled the scene along with other output by PCP for the Hall Of Fame of HC. Was later remixed by Aphex Twin, among others. Ein Brett!

10 July 2011

DUST OFF: Gagarin Kongress – Astralleib (Tresor 37 - 1995)

In 1995 Gagarin Kongress was an one-off project by Edgar Domin and Udo Heitfeld, the latter known as TV Victor. It was Tresor's "Sirius" compilation where I found the original of "Astralleib", a polyrhythmic angular piece falling between the main floor and leftfield. But the revelation came when Joey Beltram turned the original upside down with a smoking remix - heavy fuel for all techno engines. The version by The Moon And The Sun kept a delicate stance and for the end breakbeats entered the stage in "Klapperstück".

08 July 2011

Perc – Wicker & Steel (Perc Trax TPTCD003)

Rating: 8/10
The fans of barbed sounds met with excitement the news about Perc's album, his first full-length after a production career of ten years.
Heavyweight single of "My Head Is Slowly Exploding", where Chris Carter's remix outplayed the one by Ancient Methods, heralded the march of angry machines for the album. Also by the design and semantics, "Wicker & Steel" does not stand for wellness and relaxation.
But the album is not exactly filled with torture room techno, although harsh sandpaper sounds dominate in "My Head ...", "Start Chopping", "London, We Have You Surrounded". Atmospheric "You Saw Me" carries something (from the sky), like we know from Jeff Mills' recent output and "Gonkle" derives from the mountain caves of the Lord of the Rings.
In my view, the real value of "Wicker & Steel" lies in tracks that might sound like moments of meditation, if compared to the rest. Already the voice-modulated "Choice" tells a great story on chilled-out backdrop, signaling that this is not an ordinary techno album. My peak moments come in "Pre-Steel" - an industrial ambient anthem to the infrastructure consisting of freight trains, cranes, tankers at the Port of Southampton or elsewhere. Before the end, "Snow Chain" might be inspired by big chill of recent UK winters - the track is as crisp and cold. Those three are found also in the sound clip below.
So, instead of gloomy beasts my heart beats for mystic beauties in this album, among the best of techno full-lengths in 2011.

06 July 2011

Various – Variables II (Mordant Music 048)

Rating: 8/10
Mordant Music is a renegade of today's electronic music and does not cease experimenting with rhythms and melodies for thrilling interpretations. One can imagine Mordant coming up with a new act like "Rollerskating Bankers With Pink Hats" to conquer the world. Don't get me wrong - they are no clowns - but Mordant gives a twisted angle to their productions, ranging from hauntological songs to dub and punk-influenced tracks.
A crazy company of various artists here. In "Soldier (reMMix)", Autre Ne Veut has mashed up pop-chart-feel for a weird and catchy tune to be sung along. Hectic synth piece called "ASDIC" by Baron Mordant himself is a gremlin disco hommage to Aram Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance".
Ekoplekz's psychedelic "Organite" carries the textures of progressive rock and in "Thermodub" the same suspect drives a large mutated dub soundsystem along the alleys of funkstep. Sii's bassy "Condor MoMent" has some drama of Italian 70's police flicks and electronic strings in "#6 (Magic & DreaMs Edit)" by Some Truths conclude the EP of leftfield sounds. As always, happy to have new Mordant.


01 July 2011

Terminal 313 chart at Juno (June 2011)

Another month of excellent releases, topped by another masterpiece by Prologue when Donato Dozzy and Neel embarked on an aquatic trip in "Silent Drops". The boys of Unit Moebius were sighted again at the sewers of La Haya, to team up with Shitcluster for weird electro tracks. Perc's "Wicker & Steel" is the album of the month, refraining from industrial techno stereotypes and delivering a varied choice of harder sounds. German act Robotron represents the electro faction and Zooloft shares again somber deepness on EP by Giorgio Gigli, Obtane and Milton Bradley. Music Institute 20th Anniversary Series comes with the Part 3, including KDJ's take of "Problèmes D'Amour" and Model 500's "Light Speed".

28 June 2011

DUST OFF: Olga+Jozef #07 (OJ-07 - 2000)

Olga and Jozef were not wedding musicians from the Carpathian Mountains, but a proper techno label from Bratislava. Slovak scene, with artists like Rumenige or Kre, teased the floors with banging tracks and made a contribution, when at the millennium switch the axis of European techno moved to the East - if we also recall Umek and other Slovenians.
This is a strong release, which on the A-side offers tribal-fueled dense loops and on the B1 a real feast of repetitive beats, before a chillier conclusion.

27 June 2011

DUST OFF: Woody McBride – Come In... (Bush 1030 - 1996)

April 1996, Paris. I enter the Techno Import store where the guys at the counter are busy testing the system with a track that hits me immediately. "C'est Woody McBride", I am told and years after this moment I still think "Come In..." is among the very best McBride has offered during his long and prolific career.
"Come In...", not a typical 303-release, is a terrific example how the man in the frontline of acid techno controlled the machines. A-side has two medium-paced cuts, starting with acid-housey burner "Let's Get Freaky". On the flip, roughness comes up in "Wall Of Confusion" that is totally insane attack of killer bees.

24 June 2011

DBX – Losing Control Remixes (Peacefrog 025XX)

Those who have been waiting for the represses of DBX's EPs feel the world being a better place now. Their purses might not necessarily agree, but undeniably the 20th anniversary of the UK label Peacefrog brought along a number of excellent limited editions.
All-time classic "Losing Control EP" may rest in the shelf for the next special listening, and let's focus on the remixes of the title track, reworked by Detroit triumvirate in their own distinctive styles shortly after the original record in 1994.

Rating: 8/10
Carl Craig could not resist to add claps and some tension-fueling breaks to the filtered version, while maintaining the original textures of the sound. Planet E man was squeezing out the best from his machines to create a floor-friendly cut. Robert Hood held the humanized vocal sample on repeat and sped-up the track in a vein of "Minimal Nation", initially out also in 1994. Richie Hawtin's drop-dead serious remix expressed his mid-90's metronomic machine sound, with any emotions stripped.
A good record, but after years of "Losing Control" being rotated in numerous DJ-mixes and compilations, the remixes do not sound so appealing anymore. Today I would rather listen what could be wrenched out from "Spock's Brain".

23 June 2011

Somfay – Bright Black Borealis (Detroit Underground 14)

Rating: 8/10
Techno purists might have difficulties to accept this record. I was puzzled before and still am, to take a position whether it's a terrific or terrible record. Because, in spite of some features of a heavily pumping floor burner, it bears a distinct softer side when trance fairies descend on the grooves.
After a dark and energetic start, sweet melodic layers and guitars come up in "Virgo Widow" and remind of 1980's charmer Nik Kamen. Drum staccatos and acid lines dominate in thumping "All Above All" while Drumcell's rattling interpretation would satisfy the taste of techno heads bound for dark sweaty rooms. For the end, "Soak Scalene" moves in downtempo regions where a distant pied piper is heard walking down shadowy alleys. A gentle cut, reminding of the beautiful side of the electronic music.
Canadian Jesse Somay was among main protagonists of minimal flood in mid-2000's, doing several records on Archipel, but has been less in the limelight since that. Now he comes with an euphoric and daring release that might be quite a sensation at summer raves. Anticipating bluegrass versions, not joking.


22 June 2011

Various – Uncanny Valley 004 (UV 004)

Rating: 9/10
Uncanny Valley's fourth installment is a surprise to anyone accustomed to the label's jazzy deep house output. Keeping the format of EP compilations, the sounds deriving from Dresden represent rougher side of the house music.
"You Think You Think" by Sneaker runs in a synthetic bass-driven disco mode when suddenly jacking vocal sample pops up and assortment of fierce hi-hats and snares carries the track to proud length of over 12 minutes. Though, gradually the vocal sample starts to annoy.
A real shark is CVBox's acidic "Machinematch" that moves amidst underwater bubbles, hitting vigorously with the tail and chasing all small fishes in the sea. After this trip, Stefan Lohse's "Plätschern" feels incredibly slow. The bass rate is lower but bold and the track travels goes along winding paths of acid, to add deep house flair closer to the end.


19 June 2011

Hard Wax, Paul Lincke and Berliner Luft

In Berlin, Kurfürstendamm and Unter den Linden are must-go place in any travel guide, attracting the tourists visiting the city. Those seeking a different face of Berlin end up in Kreuzberg, a multicultural and bohemian district that is home of many record shops. When getting out at Kottbusser Tor underground station you are close to a world-famous location for cutting-edge electronic music and shining vinyls.
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A is the headquarters of Hard Wax - the address found at the store's mail order invoices signifies in real life an inner-yard apartment house. Not a posh place decorated with graffiti and surrounded by small institutions closely or remotely related to the Berlin music scene. Also noticed a door sign for iCrates, a small firm doings apps for crate diggers. And there was a car repair shop or similar.
It was end of September in 2005 when I visited Hard Wax first time. I was short of time and when arriving at Paul-Lincke-Ufer I had about one hour before the shop had to close. The street was pretty dark and initial search for this holy address was fruitless. On the second attempt, behind an arch, found the yard and the building, climbed the stairs and there it was. A special shop in a special location.
But who is Paul Lincke? He was a German composer and conductor in the first half of the 20th century. Author of "Berliner Luft", merry orchestral piece that is said to be unofficial anthem of German metropolis.

18 June 2011

Lory D – Strange Days Vol. 1 (Numbers 13)

Rating: 10/10
Acid house is in the air. Plenty of new releases follow historical trails of the warehouse/hangar parties to reproduce bubbling tracks. In the same the the new releases reinvent something reinvented a while ago. But here is a clear exception: Lory D's first record on Numbers.
Twenty years after his debut, the Italian is still coming on strong to drop two epic acid cuts. Both "Acidronix" and "Acid Prastix" give a broad grin of smileys, but the essence of the release lies in analog techno.
Although too short, "Acidronix" is a bold mover for those homesick of old school raves. Silver box conveys its message, saw bass is sharp and connections with EBM are not too far-fetched. On the flip, "Acid Prastix" is like a slinky serpent finding its way through adhesive analog sequences and striking acid lines. Drum patterns jump and collide in a hectic manner enough for virtual stagediving.
Numbers hosting Lory D means that the label works on a versatile roster and can't be defined as a  bass/dubstep platform anymore. Compared with the first Numbers release, "The Golden Handshake EP", the current one is very different. Recommended for all dedicated citizens of rave nation and makes to wait for "Strange Days Vol. 2". The 13 is a lucky number.