26 August 2011

Consequence – Symbol #4 (Auxiliary: Symbol AUXSYM004)

Rating: 9/10
Almost missed this record because it was labeled drum'n'bass, the style I've never been much into. After pre-listening it was clear that the fourth release in the Symbol series is cold-blooded sonic freemasonry built on eerie vocal samples, noise and bass abstractions.
Even if the opener "Symbol #4.1" is a derivative of current mainstream dubstep, the rest of the game is ruled by mad experiments with oppressive voices and sounds.
My pick is tingling and humming "Symbol #4.3" that really deserves entire 10 minutes of its existence and is filled with abstract exhibition music, squeezed between impenetrable walls of micronoise.
Cameron McLaren is a courageous sound painter who has mastered dark colors to create surreal compositions. A tasty aperitif for thrilling rites of secret sisterhoods.


24 August 2011

DUST OFF: Two taped hardcore cuts from 1992

Went through my dusty tapes and found a radio recording containing two hardcore tracks from 1992.
The first one is "Power Of Darkness" by Tracid Posse (has nothing to do with Kai Tracid) and released in the heyday of Overdrive Records, a label for nightmare techno - if to recall C-Tank for example.
The second track is ugly as hell and unknown to me, ID please.

18 August 2011

DUST OFF: Andre Holland – City Of Fear (UR.032 - 1995)

Inspired by recent Underground Resistance remasters/reissues, found again a classic that perfectly represents the mid-90's sound aesthetics of UR. In the label's catalog it might seem a bit underrated but in fact offers three tracks of pure excellence by Andre Holland aka The Infiltrator.
For the start meditative electro in "City Of Fear",  like written when the crime is lurking in the streets, as machine guns and police alarms can't be overheard. But the track does not carry any brutality, is just asking in a subtle manner why?
"Inversions" steps away from grim feelings and turns the face to the sun, with merrier chords and hi-tech jazz we know from many UR releases. A perfectly sounding tech-house cut. The machines speak on the B-side called "The Outback" - hardline electro of reverberating pads and booming bass in a nine-minute piece of untamed power.
"City Of Fear" is a great example of Detroit styles and a strong recommendation to anyone for a proper UR feel.

15 August 2011

Voices From The Lake Feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel – Silent Drops E.P. (Prologue 020)

Rating: 9/10
The best moments for enjoying The Voices From The Lake come after the sunset, when dark shadows are cast over a deep-blue lake that is locked between heavy rocks, still carrying the warmth of the sun.
Natural ultramarine would sound like this, if transformed to the music. I really feel like diving into chilly waves of a North Italian lake when listening to the four drops, i.e. untitled cuts, that mainly move on the calmer side of the electronic music, except for the thundering drones in the A2. Nautical and spheric eco-techno that expresses deep beauty of the nature. Just magnifico.

09 August 2011

KPLR – TEK NO MUZIK (Crazy Iris CIR-001)

Rating: 9/10
The guys behind KPLR do not have any clue what's trending. Although Santa Cruz, California, is not supposed to be off-road terrain without any modern means of communication to catch up with the rest of the world.
Because it was Santa Cruz where two pals, Dexter Brightman and Jair Espinoza, did this piece of wax, after a couple of cassette-only releases. Only them and gorgeous analog(-sounding) gear, for unpolished electronics that does not copy hip things in the world of electronic music today.
Titled like a creation of the rave years,  "TEK NO MUZIK" smells underground. Starting from the black-and-white sci-fi artwork till the numerical titles of the four tracks of experimental techno.
KPLR unleashes bubbling energy carried by wall-shaking bass, distorted synth riffs and killer frequencies. On the A-side "18.5.5" is the choice - a furious showdown of unlubricated acid machine emitting razor-sharp sequences. Imagine a bass drum to this beatless track and you will get early Acid Planet sound. B-side is more experimental and again the second track, "20.5.5.", gets more attention, for a more complex and rhythmic trip for leftfield floors.
If you know Strotter Inst., a master of manipulated and prepared turntables, then you find some common features with KPLR. Proper work from the USA.

02 August 2011

Terminal 313 chart at Juno (July 2011)

Italian dominance resumes in the newest chart that is led by Manuel Fogliata aka Nuel. He managed to put new life into stratospheric electro by doing a great four-tracker for the Aquaplano Ltd series. Dominating the global club floors is Levon Vincent who understands the balance between maximum output and minumum input. Tevo Howard's solid package of acid, Chicago house and even italo will get plenty of rotation this summer. Drone priest Giorgio Gigli does not cease to push dark journeys and Miles (Whitaker) made not-easy experiments for Modern Love. Cassegrain, another excellent member of Prologue Records, rounds up the top six.