28 September 2011

Ricardo Donoso – Progress Chance (Digitalis DIGIV006)

Rating: 9/10
Senhor Ricardo has spent quality time in his studio (or bedroom?) with companions like Korg MS2000R, Yamaha DX7 and others to tell us how the emeralds sound. Yes, he's is originally from Brazil, now living and working in Boston, but I would not fiddle on his background to seek associations with rainforests or Amazon. Because this is universal music where some of inspiration might have come from historical synth wizards, but this is definitely not another new age-minded synth record.
Still entire LP would work as efficient music therapy for strained minds and bodies. Already the introductory  "Chrome Decadence" caresses softly, thereafter in "Klatu" the rainbow emerges in the horizon and a distant astronaut's voice is transmitted to us. "Baiting Disappointment" is hovering ambient piece and then comes absolute highlight, "The Deck Of An Ancient Ship", a tranquilizing composition that floats like a majestic vessel. On the flip, "Morning Criminal" and two other tracks continue the journey in deep and floating mood
The record carries some idealism and search for a better and harmonic world, summed up in anti-gravitational tunes for your inner self.

22 September 2011

Various - 14 Tracks Of Psychotic Repetition (Boomkat bundle_178)

Rating: 9/10
Boomkat continues the 14 Tracks series with a digital bundle that could easily be the compilation of the year, especially for those who value venturous electronic sounds. I hardly buy any digital releases but seeing a number of exciting artists here, I did not hesitate a moment.
The entire thing is like 21th Century Woodstock with electronic reincarnations of Jimi Hendrix and Grateful Dead. A colorful  hippie camp emits intoxicating lo-fi sound layers and stir up the surroundings. A parallel with Woodstock is not far-fetched as the compilation might be easily titled "The Power of New American Sound", the lion's share of the artists coming from the US.
It's a mixture of a number of electrified prog rock sabbaths (Innercity, Diamond Catalog), explorations of  galactic vastness (Cruise Family, Ricardo Donoso, Mark Fell, Astral Social Club), runaway bass experiments (Ekoplekz, Lukid), werewolf waltzers (Oneohtrix Point Never), obscure beeping and oscillating orgies (Antti Rannisto and Ben Vida, who really goes to the limits) and dark orchestration (Vatican Shadow). Plus Container's perilous nu techno and Hieroglyphic Being's familiar jacking rhythms.
Highly recommended for understanding how does the future of electronic music sound. Just switch it on and get a blazing party of almost two hours.
Listen and buy

09 September 2011

Kassem Mosse - Enoha EP (NONPLUS016)

Rating: 9/10
A test pressing of Non Plus Records presents a new EP by Kassem Mosse, mainly known for his much-praised Workshop and Mikrodisko releases. Often difficult to file under any particular subgenre, Gunnar Wendel is an electronic artist who continues to pursue cross-breeding of techno, house, electro and others.
The nine-minute-long "Enoha" is a linear trip with strong percussive elements and bumblebee bass, thus carrying clear floor potential and partly reminding of what Cheap And Deep Productions has done. "GS02" is a laid-back electro cut that floats in the wake of Doctor Blowfin's Water Cruiser, surrounded by electric stingrays and jellyfish of the warm seas.
B-side's "Inswanna" returns to rhythmic textures of the title track, pumping your veins full of fat and dry percussion, the greats of Chicago would have been proud of. For the end comes electro-flavored "Sleepworking", the most sentimental cut of this EP with modulating bass and melodic loops. A well-balanced EP that confirms Kassem Mosse being a rolling stone that gathers no moss. 

OLD TAPE: Coldcut Radio Mix 1992

Another mix from a dusty tape. In 1992 I was a lot into hardcore techno but this insane mix with breaks and ragga shouts was quickly promoted to my favorite mixes. Credited as Coldcut Mix. There is no life on this planet only beneath the surface where we are now...

Coldcut Radio Mix 1992 by terminal313

07 September 2011

DUST OFF: PWOG - Kraak (KK Records 130 - 1995)

In 2011 Dadavistic Orchestra has won many hearts and minds with two beatless LPs in a series called Dokument. For some members of the group, Reinier Brekelmans, Tim Freeman and Robbert Heynen, it was not the first experience to be in the frontline of intellectual electronic music. In the beginning of 1990's they were part of Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia (PWOG) that guided the evolution of tranced-out ambient, for example "Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves ..." is an album worth treasuring.
From PWOG's later phase comes "Kraak", which does not float on ambient waves, but treks in harder trails. "Kraak 1" spits distortions and EQ-effects from the deep throat of techno monster and the rumble goes on in "Kraak 3", a mechanically breathing 12-minute monster, which reminds of the output by Perc Trax and other current industrial techno pals. In between, "Kraak 2" is closest to ambient electronica, a beatless track on alien vox and spheric loops, but still with a generous portion of abstractness. Heavy duty transmissions.

06 September 2011

DUST OFF: Belgian techno mini-mix from 1992

A Radiomafia (FI) recording from 1992, it's labeled "Belgian techno mix" and taped probably from a John Peel show. Was quite a blast when heard it. Pure perfection from the beginning to the end, I'm here once again...
Thanks to Souncloud user Thumpson for helping with track IDs:

Plexus - Raw Mission
Neon - Without Control
Master Techno - My Noise
Roel Butzen - Violent Wake Up

04 September 2011

08/2011: DJ Stingray, Container, Regis

Always keen to learn what DJ Stingray is up to and the new EP, released in August on his own Micron Audio imprint, hit the first slot in Terminal313 charts last month. Container is from the USA, more precisely from Nashville, and lines up with other wild side leftfield electronic producers from the States, like KPLR, Innercity. Regis has been the most talked techno artist in recent months and his contribution to Blackest Ever Black catalog was black-black as expected. Cologne label Magazine came with another strong release and late Conrad Schnitzler's sound library inspired Borngräber and Strüver to a great LP. Perc Trax keeps a busy schedule - Sawf's newest is another blast from harder techno camp.