27 February 2012

Paco Sala - Gifts of the Bloom / Gold Zone (Digitalis)

This time a brief one from Digitalis. A two-track digital single by Paco Sala works as a teaser for forthcoming album out this spring. "Gift Of The Bloom" a features female vocals by Leyli who sounds like a French pop diva. In the non-album instrumental track "Gold Zone" glittering synth layers advocate tranquility in your mind and body.

23 February 2012

Claudio PRC - Inner State (Prologue PRGLP002)

Release date is 29 March 2012
Munich-based Prologue Music is discovering the fun of long format and currently trusting this job to Italian producers. While Donato Dozzy and Neel presented in "Voices From The Lake" a CD with crisp and clear ambient sounds, fellow countryman Claudio PRC is about to complete double wax filled with foggy dubs, arcane drones and hollow beats.
Keeping the atmosphere of constant menace of earlier Prologue releases, most cuts on the album carry underworldy tones to research hidden corners of human subconsciousness.
Found some standout tracks here: In "Black Hole" an irresistible vacuum machine sucks you into the abyss and in "Radial" loops are made of vitriolic substance. "Leave" with its beatless ambient is for moments of self-reflection while the LP includes also some standard droning techno ("Commutate", "Transparent"). In general a pretty decent LP debut by the Sardinian who proves to be a techno artist with potential.

14 February 2012

Frak - Muzika Electronic (Digitalis DIGIV039)

Rating: 9/10
Det är lite konstigt that after a couple more or less experimental releases by Perispirit, Nova Scotian Arms and KPLR, Digitalis seems to have inaugurated a discodrome in Tulsa to welcome a special guest from Europe. Compared with aforementioned albums, "Muzika Electronic" sounds like a dance record. Almost, with a couple of wilder interpretations of electronic music.
The party is set up by the Swedish group Frak, consisting of Jan Svensson and Johan Sturesson, who celebrate the 25th anniversary with an impressive package of mechanical rhythms. While revisiting the 1980’s in many tracks, the release is not limited to the simplicity of two-finger synth arrangements, but also open to new influences. Joint vascular system called Frak offers a couple floor-oriented tracks that might have made the crowds cheering when Crown Princess Victoria was only five, and they still do.
My pick for the night is “Varje Dag”, a smutty vocoder song with catchy bass rhythms and electric pianos. Another cuts of alien boogie are „Tristesse Dance“, which moves in the same wavelength with early DAF and majestically swaying „In Order To Create“, where rusty robots emerge from the stellar fog do the vocals - found some parallels with I-F’s “The Men You’ll Never See”. "As You May" is a symbiosis of wave and techno textures while "Voyage No. 1" and "Komma Igång" sound like the outcome of an acidic jam session with KPLR. To the same category belong "Katamorph" and "Beat Dyslexia" sounding like illicit interactions of analog gear left alone for the night.
It was in 1987 when Frak did the debut release for the Swedish electronics label Börft and looking at the 25-year experience it’s no wonder they are recycling elements of new wave, electro and techno - but have managed to maintain healthy freshness in the sound.

13 February 2012

Bintus - Corrosion Control (Power Vacuum POWAVAC001)

Rating: 7/10
There are hundreds of quintillions possible combinations for solving the Rubik's cube. Easily the same amount could be attributed to programming options of 303 or 808. Often challenged by the fear to remain just a copycat of Phuture or Hardfloor, the producers still keep going to replenish the specter of acid tracks.
Now it's Bintus from Berlin trying his luck with the first release for newly founded Power Vacuum label. Title track "Corrosion Control" seems tired like a coal miner after extra shift because of montone midtempo programming. It’s not even cheered up when the bass knob is turned to the extremes closer to the end.
Thumbs up for "Advanced Fuel", which carries much higher energetic value with ample silver box grooves, accented breaks and nautical effects. Like from the days of Burger Industries and Jammin Unit, nice electric funk to gain some recognition on the floors. With some room for improvement it’s a promising start by Bintus.

09 February 2012

Architectural - Looking Ahead / Peacetime (SEMANTICA 40)

Rating: 7/10

In March, Semantica's constant flow of new releases continues with Architectural's two-tracker. Unlike Developer's "Trade Beliefs", the single by Juan Rico refrains from dark drones and pounding loops while still addressing the floor.
A-side's crisp "Looking Ahead" is launched with growling bass and offers thriving arpeggios, but the scenery is disturbed by a too extended atmospheric break in the middle, making the track feel unfinished. "Peacetime", in turn, is a solid chunk of techno, which reminds of earlier Axis and Joey Beltram output. Again bass-heavy banger in the start, it obtains dubbier features with bright chord-driven conclusion. A proper tool for DJ case.

08 February 2012

Hypnobooster (Hypnobooster CD)

Rating: 7/10
Subconsciously, I have been waiting for Hypnobooster's debut since seeing his street art in central Tallinn. Nine lines of poetry invited to give to the streets girl names. Gradually the identity of the outdoor visual artists was revealed, with the knowledge that Hypnobooster is preparing his first album. Upfront tracks on some compilations, like "HÕFF", made anticipation rise.
The strophes about girls and street names are now materialized in "Pangem tänavatel' tüdrukute nimed", the standout track with metallic rock arrangement and pathetic power vocals by the man himself.  It gets good company from the wall of guitars and mystic chorus in "Mmm" and by expression of purity and untouched nature in "Seeds", which concludes the CD with ten minutes of voices from the forests and meadows.
All these titles are at the end of the 13-tracker, after a number of rather commonplace compositions between big beat, trip hop and film scores. In the first half Hypnobooster is closely befriended with Tarantino’s spirit to spend jolly moments in shady bars, surrounded by desperados and chiquitas. Initial mood is branded by cinematic orchestrations like in "Darkmotion", which almost trespasses to easy listening with visiting trumpet, trombone and lounge piano. After the jingle "El Hypnorado", which sounds like sampling gothic wave group And Also The Trees, "Transparent City" feels the blues of a secret agent walking in the rain. Sensitive side of the artist is displayed in "If the World Should Stop Today" with fragile female voice.
Somehow Hypnobooster, known as Andre Pichen from the group Sinine, had created an image of arrogant crusader who searches uncompromising sides in the music, but domination of midtempo moods and movie scores is somehow unexpected. I have to admit missing some healthy industrial power and metal rage here. As a compensation extra credits go to the graphics of the release.
For more information about the artist and purchasing the album: www.hypnobooster.com.

03 February 2012

Developer - Trade Beliefs (SEMANTICA 39)

Rating: 9/10
Developer is not holding back his horses in his first release for Spanish label Semantica, expected in the first half of March. Seasoned scene insider Adrian Sandoval lets the engines roar and embarks on the trip with awesome title track "Trade Beliefs" which illustrates the yin and yang of techno. Starting with gigawatt-bass assault, it hosts a metallic dub sequence from the mid-track, before morphing morose hiss and boom into atmospheric layers and strings. The same track can be played twice during a night, either during peak hour or closer to chill out phase.
Slightly more relaxed mood in "Brujas", a properly rolling techno cut that might be easily from Tresor’s 1990's catalog. On the flip, "The Uncertain" kicks off like a darker stripped-down monster before displaying the jazzier side of techno with piano grooves. "Sin Luz", as the title suggests, tests the ability to cope in conditions without light: The track pushes you into a huge and dark storage hall, filled with industrial noises. All techno purists will be delighted about the showcase of retro influences and today’s dark drones in the four-tracker, placed at the harder end of Semantica's catalog.

02 February 2012

01/2012: Svreca, Vedomir, Atom TM

"Obscur. Final", a follow-up to the first "Obscur" edition by Semantica label head Svreca, heads the Terminal 313 best-of list with a strong techno package, including the remixes by Regis, Orphx, Silent Servant and Skirt. Vakula dropped two fine cuts under the Vedomir guise, releasing "Orthodox Ambient" on Dekmantel and Sähkö has blown off dust from Atom Heart's 1994 tapes, releasing with "Cold Memories" two ultra long tracks by the project Atom TM. Sandwell District says goodbye to the world with Rrose's "Artificial Light 1969-1909". Acid faction is represented by a mini comp "We Want You To Understand The Future" on Finnish ProForm Series, with Healium, Virta, Näköradiomies and CRC and Andreas Gehm's Elec Pt 1 delivers with "Mini LP" corrosive cuts on Panzerkreuz. A special mention goes to Regis for compiling his early bangers in "The Complete Recordings 1994-1996 Part 1".