28 January 2013

Report: Svreca, Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti in Nokia Factory

One might say: Techno, oh yes, we know all about that but in fact it's constantly re-inventing itself. Another proof was given when Svreca, the head of Madrid label Semantica, dropped DJ set at the Deep Space Helsinki (DSH) party along with DSH residents Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti.
DSH is a label, radio show and event organizer run by purveyors of the techno culture in Finland who summoned the scene to the Nokia Factory at Kallio District in the Finnish capital.
High-end sound system and cozy venue with two bars and Heineken costing €5.50 led DSH heads to a vibrating night.
When arriving shortly after 22:00, the party was already on with Kemppi decorating the room with dubby soundwaves.
Thereafter Juho Kusti started to pump it up and the room's largely unpopulated state gradually changed when Helsinki youth started to fill the venue closer to the midnight. The repertoire spanned from Truss's "Auden" to some deeper chords and the Finns did not care about any shift restrictions when they were virtually spinning back to back and having great fun of it. The excitement was building up and hi-hats were cutting the foggy air and bass took prominent position on the floor.
Svreca, who had been unfortunately parted from his vinyls during air travel, had to opt for a digital set, which really did not matter as he held the crowd in a firm squeeze. His aim is to go to distance from the ultra hard fare which has been popular in Spain, for deeper and more mental sounds and it's something he did. A thriving set by the Spanish mastermind, followed by further sonic interaction by the Finns. All three DJs looked really happy and amused in the booth and it really told us that podcasting might be fine but live action always beats that. A great night.
And last but not least some news about upcoming releases. In the pipeline on Semantica is one-sided "Bondegatan", another Sweden-themed track by Svreca, this time in collaboration with Abdulla Rashim:

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But the Finns are not sleeping either: "Signal Two EP" will be published on Deep Space Helsinki label in February.

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23 January 2013

V. Hold - Antagions (Further Records ‎FUR 068 - 2012)

Behold, it's V. Hold from Philadelphia, one half of the experimental techno duo Metasplice, about to launch their second release "Churn / Decant" on Morphine Records.
But honorable Mr V. Hold has decided not to limit his range of action to unconventional sound processing for Morphine and addresses the cassette and digital nation with the solo debut on Seattle’s ever-surprising Further Records.
After checking the bass system in improvisational “Sub-railing”, takeoff is completed in “Oxygen Loan”, built on a limping beat for industrial witch dance experiencing deliberate glitches closer to the end. “V-Hold”, a modulated sick drone, is followed by über-intense “Lfoilburn” - otherworldly gabba where jacking distorted rhythms are clothed with the toxic dust and the desperate groaning of the doomed.
Slowly detonated by hollow rhythms coming from the distance, green slimy ooze starts to flow in “Airtight Infiniloc” and the percussion overcomes initial shyness to fill  the room with thunder. Raw as hell is another distorted cut “Auto Internal”, akin to Spiral Tribe's self-destructive hedonism, as it's built on fast and wrenched rhythms.
After glitchy and bass-laden "Chemel", "Feedliner" is like an ode to dump trucks, heavy and exploiting the enormous potential of deep-bass machinery, leading to fast and abstract staccatos in "Infra-Cauk" and "Ionisense".
Without going to the extremes V.Hold has managed to put together a very intense and reasonably noisy selection, showing also good potential for open-minded floors.

15 January 2013

Skirt - Tumulto (with Yuji Kondo, Shifted remixes) (SEMANTICA 27 - 2013)

Bethany DeMoss aka Skirt is becoming a frequent visitor on Semantica if we only recall her collaboration with Svreca and one-sided vinyl featuring the first part of Shifted’s remix of the riot-sounding theme "Tumulto", of which the Madrid label now prepares three additional tracks.
For the start it's Skirt herself underscoring her expert touch for beatless sounds, to a certain extent known from the Horizontal Ground releases. Now she unveils the original "Tumulto" with a long stretch of orchestral drone moving over the icy tundra with Arctic winds biting like a razor blade, taking us gradually to the dark ambient territories.
The uproar episode with tear gas and rubber bullets is staged by Yuji Kondo from Japan with shredded beat and human exclamations. It is an expression of truly cold soul of machines and an impressive techno tool for the crowd control. Thereafter Shifted, for the second part of his remix duties, has descended to the engine room to fiddle on the steam valves for a composed loopy techno cut.

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10 January 2013

The 15 Dead Minutes - Scheming Things (Trensmat TR035 - 2013)

Release date is April 2013
Contrary to the assumption that Trensmat is a tribute to Derrick May’s cult label, the Dublin imprint shows rougher face of the electronic music with the debut EP by The 15 Dead Minutes. Scheduled for February 2013, the four-track vinyl with two digital extras is a stimulating shot for the sleepless of the night.
The act from the UK fires up the floor with squelching 808 and sturdy bass lines in „The Runway" for a cyborg version of acid house. More juice is squeezed out in "Children of the 303" where the good old silver box is brought out for body control, only the child samples are slightly annoying.
"Fibril", tested with success on the crowd, swells from luminous intro into magnetizing electro blast and additional octanes are pumped into the system with "Internal Dialogue”. “MacReady’s Tape” and “Mess” are two digital bonus tracks coming with the vinyl release which is mainly sold by the label in direct mail order.
With gnarling riffs and drum machine workouts the "Scheming Things" delivers corrosive electro akin to the labels like Temple, Bunker or, more recently, Power Vacuum. Looking at Trensmat’s back catalog the label has been focused on experimental noise and psychedelic rock but is now convincingly embracing new targets.
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