30 April 2013

20 YEARS: Infamous live gig by PCP Frankfurt at the MayDay, 30 April 1993

The Possessed "Black Blood", a PCP release from 1992
It was rather a revolt than live PA what happened at MayDay in Westfalenhalle Dortmund 20 years ago, on 30 April 1993. Infamous PCP (Planet Core Productions) crew from Frankfurt was admitted to the stage to present the current state of hardcore techno to the crowd, and they really did.
"Konstablerwache", "9 Is A Classic" were among the tools the PCP used during the performance, cut short to meager 15 minutes and faded out with creamy trance sounds. You can perceive the anger and disappointment of HC warriors around Marc Trauner and Thorsten Lambart as they were ready for more.
Luckily we have the footage, however with poor sound (i.e. noise) quality, about the historical show which was in a peculiar way the culmination of PCP's story, marking also the start of its gradual artistic demise. Still the guys from Frankfurt created a phenomenon worth to remember. See ya in 2017!

25 April 2013

Stanislav Tolkachev - Depth Of Light (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series M_RECLTDGS04 - 2013)

Release date is in May 2013
Stas Tolkachev was the first Ukrainian to enter the DJ booth of Berghain and the techno and photo artist from Dnepropetrovsk now lands on Milan's M_Rec Ltd Grey Series with his solo effort of five tracks.
It's introduced by a swarm of electric bees illuminating the night ("Depth Of Light"), preparing the entry of agile synth lines and bass knobs in "Like A Cat's Shadow". "Break Something That Breaks You" can be filed under proper UK techno (think of 1990's Surgeon) that tightens the grip with metallic grooves. The B-side opens with the highlight called "No Home No Flag", a vibrating deep bass and reverb journey and another nod to the floor action makes "Don't Shit On Your Doorstep", a dashing tool with caustic notes that gets the message definitely right.

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22 April 2013

Varg - Misantropen (Northern Electronics NE1 - 2013)

Release date is in May 2013
Emerging from the chilly vastness of the North, Varg is a lonesome wolf howling with the voice of 303. Invited to be the first artist on Abdulla Rashim's start-up Northern Electronics, Varg presents an ambitious LP to show the power of slow-motion acid journeys.
After esoteric storytelling in the opener "Mount Analogue", the remaining seven tracks offer variations on the silver box programming. Those descending from the Holy Mountain will be subject to throbbing acid pulses in “Norrländska Vemodet”, the "dance track" of the release, while the following “Skoptsy" toils up to the daylight from abandoned mine shafts.
"Stambanan" offers some shelter from corrosive drizzle with lush dubbed-out pads and reductive “Wizard Howling With The Silver Box” floats on ambient sound particles. Twilight creatures in „Licwiglunga“ alert the dark side before the mood is changed to deep explorations in "Fimbulvetr“ and “Náströnd”.
The LP promises to give an epic start to the Northern Electronics and in its entirety "Misantropen" is a most enjoyable piece of electronics. It might partly remind of Andreas Tilliander's recent LP as TM404 and Plastikman's 1990's albums "Sheet One" and "Consumed".
Contrary to Rashim’s airborne tracks on his self-titled imprint, Northern Electronics has chosen a more experimental direction, leaving behind the Ethiopian birthplace of homo sapiens to embrace mythological heritage on the other side of the Arctic Circle.

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11 April 2013

Ascion and Shapednoise / D. Carbone - Basic Impact / MetemPsychosis (REPITCH1002 - 2013)

Release date is in April 2013
Now this is like an interrogation by rogue law enforcement officers in a damp and dark room, your hopes to escape as bright as the dusty 25 watt bulb hanging from the ceiling. Powerful and menacing, the second release in the 10-inch series of Repitch stages another drama by gladiators of industrial techno. For creating a perfect dark room setting, Ascion and Shapednoise roll out a thundering stepper with "Basic Impact", a clattering and deep journey into the depths of the mind.
D. Carbone ("MetemPsychosis") keeps the pressure with distorted riffs and mental bass coming like from mutated heavy metal mercenaries. It works its way through to the noisy break, escalating to excessive bass assault as a showcase of untamed power.

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09 April 2013

Donor - H9 (SEMANTICA 55 - 2013)

New York's Donor belongs to the acclaimed players of the global techno scene and after appearances in the first edition of the Nonnative series and a remix for Developer ("Brujas"), the cosmopolitan returns with the first solo EP on Svreca's label and injects some fresh blood to Semantica.
Although Donor's batch does not contain any peak-hour protein, already the title track "H9" wins hearts and minds. It's a metronomic stepper crawling out of the fog and thereafter carried towards the horizon by gleaming pads. "Align" would fit to the score of a Shaft remake with funky sequences and fizzy textures reminding of early 90's UK techno. Restrained mood prevails in more abstract "Stray", which after a limping start gradually exposes steaming bass sequences, and in slowly ticking "Sense" before the story is concluded with "Untitled", a condensed interstellar drone.
Donor's inward-looking release is seeking a perfect mix between harmonic finesse and palpitating rhythms and might herald Semantica's new direction towards deeper and mental sounds. Indeed inspiring work by the man from Brooklyn.

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07 April 2013

DUST OFF: C-Tank, Influid, Interrupt in DJ Andy Düx chart April/May 1993 (Groove Magazin #21 - 1993)

Compiled by DJ Andy Düx in 1993 for the seminal Groove mag from Frankfurt, this chart reflects the heyday of gabber and hard (acid) trance with many pivotal German labels and artists listed. The first spot was grabbed by "Nightmares Are Reality", a growling and pounding LP by C-Tank, an act set up by three producers who also operated as Humanoids From The Deep. C-Tank was a flagship of Overdrive, one of the hardcore bastions that time run by Düx himself. The militant title track fires with mad kick drum and "Evil Dead" samples.

From Influence Recordings came Influid II sampling Art Of Noise, Ministry and The Orb, for another relentless gabber strike.

Instead of listing another sounds from hell, true Detroit techno, ranked sixth here, deserves attention in the capacity of the Suburban Knight and his rough "Infra Red Spectrum" from "Nocturbulous Behavior EP".

04 April 2013

Sawf - Skotos (M_REC Ltd 16 - 2013)

Italian imprint M_Rec Ltd, brainchild of the Milanese DJ and Producer Max_M, has been a publishing platform for the label owner, along with Cassegrain, Giorgio Gigli, Samuli Kemppi, Juho Kahilainen and many more. Now Sawf, a Greek techno man concealing his real identity, has landed on the 16th release of M_Rec Ltd to bring us "Skotos" with two guest remixes.
Whereas the original, which would cater to the before-midnight crowd, starts rather unspectacularly. In the onset we have bass, then come hi-hats and hum followed by a grim modulated vocal sample that firstly sounds quite irritating but finally achieves a haunting effect.
On the flip two solid tune-ups, starting with Berlin's Milton Bradley who in expected manner raises darkness quotient with dramatic grinding noise and asthmatic funk reminding of early Cristian Vogel. Thereafter my first and also positive encounter with another Berliner Henning Baer. The vocal sample proclaiming understand resurfaces in the monotone and stomping take rolling confidently with a pinch of distorted snares, all in all saying that Baer's "Skotos" is the highlight of the release.

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03 April 2013

Various - Nonnative 04 (SEMANTICA NNN 04 - 2013)

Semantica continues its tour around the world in a company of three foreign artists and a fellow Spaniard who take the Nonnative series to the fourth installment.
Stanislav Tolkachev from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine opens with automated step-dance powered by caustic notes in synth stabs, followed by Obtane's "Thunder Will Purify Us", which runs on deep space modulations and percussive reverbs keeping a veil of mystery above the driving track by the Italian.
"Foundations" by Canadian-born Berlin resident  Mary Velo is a loop-driven builder with atmospheric touch and blurred vocal overlays while Eduardo De La Calle's luminescent electro riffs in attractively old-fashioned "Here Living With Us" round off a neat release.

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