29 June 2013

Various - Untitled.2 (REPITCH 000.2 - 2013)

Release date is in July 2013
Repitch triumvirate consisting of D. Carbone, Ascion and Shapednoise - all hailing from Southern Italy and now on a techno mission in Berlin - continue the "000" series with three saw-toothed industrial-flavored works inspired by distressing utopias, causing either a slow kill or a slow orgasm, whichever you prefer.
All tracks are called "Untitled.2" and for the start D. Carbone drops a grim and teasing symphony about convulsing synths and dashing hi-hats colliding with furiously half-stepping bass. Next up is Ascion who keeps the dark atmosphere when bombing with reverberated acidic elements and mystery chorus. For the end Shapednoise short-circuits the system with shredded noise and dangerous drums. Impressive job.

26 June 2013

Ancient Methods - Seventh Seal (Ancient Methods AM 07 - 2013)

The Bible story tells that Jericho fell on the seventh day after seven priests had blown their seven trumpets. The industrial techno engineer Trias, now a sole operator behind Ancient Methods, proclaims time has come for the "Seventh Seal", which might carry some underlying symbolical meaning. For the time being, the further agenda of Medieval-minded yet prophetic sonic warrior is unknown but the seventh installment of Ancient Methods series is again dark as night, encompassing sounds difficult to match. It belongs to the set of records I have decided to buy without any pre-listening and, as expected, no regrets on delivery.
Intense and captivating experience is launched with "Knights And Bishops", a prime example of crushing industrial rhythms with eerie whispers and raw EBM-sourced riffs, while sharpened swords are crossed when "Kings & Pawns" are chased through a treacherous swamp. "When All Is Said And Done" begins with abstract noise before the EP's dominating grinding sound sets in, assisted by a distant chorus.
Rounding up the annihilating yet intelligent EP, "Castling Becomes Inevitable" is the hardest cut with an extra portion of hammer-and-anvil sound added, all appearing like a mixture of cyberpunked Kraftwerk and trimmed Nitzer Ebb.
Most tracks are moving at 124 BPM but it just amplifies the impact of the pitch-black techno war funk by the quintessential act from Berlin.

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24 June 2013

Various - V/A EP (Newrhythmic LTD NR013 - 2013)

Spain's Newrhythmic Records presents a quadruple mission with joint forces from Helsinki, Berlin, Kyiv, and León, the label's home city. Coming from the soul of a sci-fi romancer, Samuli Kemppi's bold mechanical workout "Plasma Disco" hits the spot here while sizzling "Rota" by long-time Tresor resident Pacou is served with tech house elements. Ukrainian duo Woo York and label boss José Ángel Palacios Robles aka Joton launch the "Rocket" that flies in a straight and steady trajectory before Joton's solo effort is "In The Mood" for an easy-going floor fare.

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19 June 2013

Dino Sabatini meets Donato Dozzy - Journey Back To Ithaca (Outis Music Outis004 - 2013)

Release date is in July 2013
Travels in mythology continue on Dino Sabatini's Outis when the label's frontman teams up with fellow Italian Donato Dozzy for two trippy tracks inspired by the epic paths of Odysseus. In a convincing manner the sails are set for a home journey back to Ithaca.
One might hear cyclopes hooting from distance when "Telemacus" follows up Sabatini's recent shamanic paths combined with Dozzy's rigid percussion programming. Jolty drum loops would fit to the Blackest Ever Black plate while another serving suggestion is "The Point", a 1997 track by Surgeon & Vice. On the flip, like driven by a vast and oily engine, "Penelope" boasts metronomic fat bass and string effects to round up this quality release.
Sabatini's and Dozzy's Roman reunion and black-tainted functional electronics recall the times of Elettronica Romana. It was when Sabatini released as Modern Heads and Dozzy made a few joint releases for the label, once a publishing platform for Giorgio Gigli, Claudio Prc and others too.

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18 June 2013

Oscar Mulero - Transversal EP (Modularz MOD11 - 2013)

Oscar Mulero has landed on Developer's Modularz imprint and the informed know what to expect. The four-tracker of straight techno tools starts in ruthless manner with "Rotula" by the Spanish producer himself, to proclaim a state of emergency on the floors with pounding kicks and metallic pads. Truncate keeps the tempo of the original while extra dubs are thrown to the game by Mulero in "Transversal". For the end Sleeparchive's version of the title track is positioned between his trademark minimalist loops and rougher percussive edge.

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12 June 2013

Tin Man - Underdog EP Pt.1 (Pomelo Records POM33 - 2013)

Intelligent acid is often seen as Tin Man's signature sound but his output does not always have floor grading and touches experimental spheres (for example "Vienna Blue LP"). However not in the case of sonic statement "Underdog EP Pt. 1" on the Austrian imprint Pomelo, where he has prepared a floor-friendly two-tracker with house elements.
Symbolically titled "U.R." opens with acid house showers before Detroit's early techno chords emerge to keep the track running for about 13 minutes. Whereas field testing confirmed "U.R.'s" excellent DJ set potential. "Stay Down" is built on a lukewarm groove with filtered kicks and soft keys and completes an impressive job by Johannes Auvinen, a Californian native of Finnish descent and current Viennese resident.

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10 June 2013

DJ Deka (terminal313.net) @ Kanala Cafe in Tallinn (June 7, 2013)

Last Friday's diverse set by DJ Deka played in Kanala Café in Tallinn.

The tracklist:
Jean Piché - La Mer à l'Aube
Panabrite - Index of Gestures
Varg - Mount Analogue
Plant43 - Bioluminiscent Trees
Portable - Albatross
Model 500 - Ocean To Ocean (Global Mix)
Eduardo de la Calle - Quasi Calligraphic
Cheap And Deep Productions - Words, Breaths And Pauses
Teersom - Tia
War Easy Made - A
Tin Man - U.R
Alva Noto - Uni Acrynom (Feat. Anne-James Chaton)
Tom Dicicco - Return To Dust
Sensurreal - Sideshield
Sensurreal - From Subversive Territory
NX1 - NX1 05 15
Green Velvet - Help Me
Ascion - Untitled.2
Riccardo Rocchi - Hasta La Vista Baby
Laibach - Opus Dei

07 June 2013

Tom Dicicco - Under The Aquadrome Pt.1 (Run Out Run RUNOR1001 - 2013)

Release date in in June 2013
Having released before on Traut Muzik, Inner Surface, Semantica and other labels, the UK producer Tom Dicicco launches his own imprint Run Out Run with a four-tracker. Mostly dedicated to the rugged side of British techno he starts with top-end track "Return To Dust" which is exposed to the firm grip of expressive machine language. It's centered on a metallic riff that makes it a good mix with "Echo Final" by Schalt 42 aka Richard Bartz.
"Mist Of 1897" and "Werk" stay close to the rumble on the floor with complex techno textures until the beats are cut off in "Plate Subduction", a tranquilizing conclusion of the release feeding the imagination with sun & sea metaphors. Dicicco might not break any barriers with "Under The Aquadrome Pt. 1" but still provides a decent addition for the DJ bags.

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06 June 2013

DJ Deka (terminal313.net) podcast for MRK.EE

This is my first podcast for Mrk.ee, the Estonian organization for techno parties. The mix starts with „Choice“ from Perc’s fabulous album „Wicker & Steel“ and features some other tracks from the archives. However the focus is on new or unreleased material; labels represented are Semantica, M_Rec Ltd, NX1, Keys Of Life, Headless Horseman and many more. Shouts go out to the excellent techno crowd of MÜRK!

Perc - Choice
Eduardo de la Calle - Quasi Calligraphic
Liss C. - Modulation (Truncate Remix)
Samuli Kemppi - Extragalactic
Stanislav Tolkachev - No Home No Flag
Juho Kusti - Twin Oaks
Helical Scan - Index I
NX1 - NX1 05 15
Sawf - Skotos (Henning Baer Remix)
Lovecore – Kalk A1
Varg - Mount Analogue
Legowelt - Ritual Of Abramelin
D. Carbone - Untitled.2 (Repitch 000.2)
Metasplice - Buoyant Slight
Headless Horseman - Decapitation
Teersom - TIA
Blacknecks – A2 000001
J Tijn - Jack 2
Orphx - Outcast
Bigod 20 - The Bog (Techno Duck Mix)

03 June 2013

Samuli Kemppi - Parallax Of One Second EP (M_Rec Ltd M_RECLTD17 - 2013)

Release date is in June 2013
Deep Space Helsinki operative Samuli Kemppi feels inspired. In addition to running DSH imprint with Juho Kusti, Kemppi's recent release schedule has included EPs on Chronicle, Balans, Komisch and now it's the turn of Milan's M-Rec_Ltd to host the space explorer from up North.
Watching the oscillations on the control unit screen, Kemppi embarks to multi-faceted techno mission with "Extragalactic" that catches the floor essence with modulating synth lines. Particle shower continues in more atmospheric but still strongly bass-centric "Astrometric Precision" which would be a perfect match to Something In The Sky releases.
Heavily slamming "More Than Parsec" features clapping hi-tech drums like from The Martian's toolbox and the EP's most minimalistic cut "Less Than Planck" intercepts shortwave radio signals from the mist of acid house, with chords recalling Larry Heard's early Gherkin Jerks material.

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PS: Check out also the Deep Space Helsinki's weekly radio shows, either by Samuli Kemppi or Juho Kusti, always containing a lot of unreleased stuff.