29 July 2013

Various - Dead Architect Series: Portfolio One (Modularz12 - 2013)

Difficult to pick a favorite from this crop as the tracks are equally strong. We have a rather dreamy start for a Modularz release when Eduardo de la Calle picks delicate dubs and warm chords from his recent Semantica (like "Quasi Calligraphic 9"). But Elyas slams with bass and dark textures for a secret techno rite, as does Takaaki Itoh with a monumental drop and stinging sequences. Spain's Adriana Lopez closes the first installment of the portfolio with a solid techno tool. Extra points go to the conceptual title of the series.

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25 July 2013

Gaja - Patterns (Repitch RPTC01 - 2013)

Release date is in August 2013
Repitch is pushing forward to the highly dynamic techno by introducing new artist Gaja whose energetic debut EP works as a shrill wake-up call and reminds of the Downwards hegemony in the 1990's.
It's all in flames when Gaja unlocks an evil sequence and distorted drum frenzy in the opener of "Patterns". The monotone hammering of A2 escorts us through steelworks to the B-side which is rolled out with standard textures before overrun with distorted kicks and accentuated hi-hats. After the synth buzz in B2 the mind warp exercise is concluded with a straight techno fare. Thus Repitch has managed to expand the roster with a no-bullshit producer bound to haul live analog jams for the fearless.

23 July 2013

Ancient Methods at Kõue Heli Festival, Estonia (Sat August 3, 2013)

First mentioned in the Liber Census Daniae in 1241, the Kau Manor (Kõue mõis) in Estonia was originally a medieval vassal stronghold. The location dating back to the 13th century is an appropriate setting for a live performance by Ancient Methods, the lord of Berlin's pitch black techno war funk.
The place of action is an intimate but significant festival Kõue Heli, to be held on Saturday August 3, 2013 at Kau Manor, about 50 kilometers South from Tallinn.
Ancient Methods has managed to create unique sound combining harsh industrial riffs with complex rhythms for a devastating experience. As the press text says that its tracks have been "creating a massive buzz over a few beautifully marbled pieces of vinyl with medieval etchings on the labels, and prompting suggestions of a new industrial forward movement in the techno scene."
The festival has three stages each of them representing different musical directions. The event features Jimi Tenor's new project Tenors Of Kalma (FI), electronic artists Ruxpin (IS/EE), Blood Pavilion (EE), Neue Einsicht (EE) and Fuck Yuo I Am A Robot (EE), experimental piano virtuoso Lubomyr Melnyk (UA/SE), Several Symptoms (EE) and many more.
Tickets for €15 can be bought via Piletilevi.ee; the entry fee at the door is €20.
Event info in Facebook.

Ancient Methods - "Knights & Bishops", the opening track from the recent EP "Seventh Seal":

22 July 2013

Datura Dilema - Orbital (SUBSIST sub-d18 - 2013)

Apart from three vinyls in the beginning of its existence, Spanish imprint Subsist has focused on digital releases and might seem for wax-obsessed music lovers as a label "among others". However having hosted several household names like Shxcxchcxsh, Stanislav Tolkachev, Elektrabel, etc., the label from Valencia deserves more attention.
The newest material comes from the anonymous artist called Datura Dilema who has completed the second full-length after "Parque Universal Fin", released in 2012. Enigmatic  flair covers the twelve tracks of "Orbital", spanning from introductory drone "Nada" and high-octane floor burners "Pleyades Comunica", "Ozono Gente" to the highlight of the release, space-scientific "Transmision Interrumpida V1" with ample funkiness and stratospheric modulations. Another mind journey by Datura Dilema tells the project is ripe for the vinyl.

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19 July 2013

Donor/Truss - Aber (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series MRECLTDGS05 - 2013)

New York-London connection at work again when Donor and Truss drop another collab, this time for M_Rec Ltd Grey Series. The vinyl-only EP follows Donor's recent metronomic "H9" on Semantica and fits to Truss' post-MPIA3 phase. Although it's essentially a techno record it consists of two partitions: Both "Spacial" and "Aber" are darkroom species for a loud system with crackling textures, modulated voice ripples and heavy keys. Different approach prevails in other two: "Beneath", which sounds very Donor, hovers closer to ambient and smudged abstractions with fragmented percussion while a pinch of cosmic funk is added to bleepy "Ease".

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16 July 2013

Deka (Terminal313.net) DJ set at Kultuuritolm 2013, Tallinn, Estonia

Mihkel Lüdig - Fuuga do minoor played by Hugo Lepnurm
Smackos - Saturday Morning
Plant43 - Bioluminiscent Trees
DJ Naughty - Gigolo Style
Faustian Pact - Critical Futurist
Espion - MKYF
Dino Sabatini meets Donato Dozzy - Telemacus
Surgeon meets Vice - The Point
Donor/Truss - Spacial
Samuli Kemppi - Plasma Disco
Tom Dicicco - Excavation
i - L.T.B.C.Y.B.
Dino Sabatini meets Donato Dozzy - Penelope
Abdulla Rashim - Alem Maya 2
George Paar - Life Is Not Dead Yet (Giorgio Gigli Variation)
Astronomical Telegram - Near-Heart Object (Original Mix)
Susanne Brokesch - Raw Track #2
Jeff Mills - Jerical
Andre Holland - The Extraction
UR - The Final Frontier
Mike Dred - Macrocosm
Woody McBride - Wall Of Confusion
Ancient Methods - Knights & Bishops
Gaja - A1
Tracid Posse - Power Of Darkness
Darkside - The Swarm
L-Vis 1990 - Hard Drive
Skirt - Tumulto(Yuji Kondo Remix)
Shapednoise - Untitled.2
The Vonn Trapp Family - V.Sel
Circuit Breaker - Overkill
Hardfloor - Lost in the Silver Box

Sawf - Menete Inc. Yuji Kondo Remix (Perc Trax TPT059 - 2013)

Attention, "Menete" goes off the beaten track of current techno productions by reaching back to EBM textures with a pinch of dark aggression. Sawf is flying across the cyberspace with a stoned vocal sample and fictious guitars, good for rocking with Ministry to issue a headbanger alert.
Then "Toolio" is a perfect match to Perc Trax's trademark heavyweight fare while the B-side hits with Yuji Kondo's shredded apocalyptic pounder, of the same high quality like his recent remix for DJ Skirt's twelve on Semantica. Closing the show is a rhythmic medium-paced builder "Diin". Occasionally I have had difficulties to get into Sawf's releases but this EP is a blast.

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12 July 2013

Abdulla Rashim - Alem Maya EP (Abdulla Rashim Records ARR005 - 2013)

Next up on Abdulla Rashim's imprint is another Ethiopian-themed release carrying the title "Alem Maya". Across three tracks Rashim lifts off from the sea level, starting with A-side's reverberated hiss and repetitive indigenous rhythm that sounds like a joint jam with The Durian Brothers.
On the B-side Rashim reverts to earlier trippy productions with zigzagging drums, as "Alem Maya 2" is a functional floor monster. Cosmic dust and tribal textures are thrown over the repetitive final track.

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10 July 2013

Plant43 - The Sentient City Awakens (SEMANTICA 54 - 2013)

UK artist Emile Facey operates the Plant43 moniker which is increasingly becoming a safe bet for harmonic albeit driving and electro productions with a boom. Now Plant43 follows up its last year's EP on Semantica with a five-tracker that remains faithful to the theme of the Sentient City.
Rich textures and luminescent pads characterize the release, whereas the opener "Inward Stream" features the most aggressive kicks that gradually succumb to gentle layers. Aquatic flow of "Hydro Subway" another highlight that creates associations with Drexciya and the concluding "Frond Of Stars" is a beatless stretch of synth leads. Glimmering electro tracks with a futuristic drive by Plant43.

Kultuuritolm 2013 festival in Tallinn: Stanislav Tolkachev, Ajukaja, Pelle Miljoona, Cleaning Women

Kultuuritolm (Culture Dust), a multi-stage festival will be held on 12 and 13 July in Tallinn with a cross-section of different music styles. Techno faction's highlight comes in the second day when Ukraine's Stanislav Tolkachev enters the Mürk stage with live PA. Local DJ support is given by Glitchfxxx, Denis Punch, Artur Sanglepp, Hobune and Deka.
The line-up of the event held in a former fortress-prison called Patarei includes also legendary punk rocker Pelle Miljoona and experimental group Cleaning Women from Finland, Iceland's folk musician Myrra Rós plus many Estonian artists like Ajukaja, Mart Avi & Steve Vanoni, Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit, Metro Luminal, etc.
Event website:

Stanislav Tolkachev (UA)

Cleaning Women (FI)

Ajukaja & Mart Avi (EE)

Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit (EE)

08 July 2013

MGUN - If You're Reading This EP (Don't Be Afraid DBA012 - 2013)

MGUN's message is clear: If you are reading, feeling, breathing this EP, don't be afraid of Detroit's economical decay spilling over to the city's musical heritage. Motor City's MGUN aka Manuel Gonzales is a fighter and proves it particularly with his second release on Semtek's imprint, after "The Upstairs Apt. EP" in 2012.
The six-tracker is like a journey through different music spots. It starts with abstract late-night intro "Hand Over Fifth" and nothing predicts the storm arriving with "Proxy", a vintage-minded acidic bubble bath compounded with raw modulations. Mighty drive continues in blackout-heralding "Funnel Vision" with highly efficient set of percussive elements and synth leads.
On the B-side, in unpronounceable "Jijijijij$ijijijiji" electro/hip hop beats are slamming from cabrio subwoofers for a sweet cruising in the streets of Miami whereas in "Tritan" translucent pads and vaguely shimmering Detroit chords take us to the realm of deep house. For the end, gloomy chords and kicking drums lend "Bean Chirp" a robust touch, only the track is too short.
MGUN, an insider of Detroit sounds and a co-performer in Submerge's Timeline and Interstellar Fugitives collectives, is a true keeper of the 313 traditions - rather with the mindset than sounds, where he is open for influences and ideas outside the birthplace of techno. Happy to have this record.

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05 July 2013

Donato Dozzy - 200 Ep (electronique.it ELE-R004 - 2013)

Donato Dozzy's "200" selection for electronique.it, dedicated to the (historical) sound of electronic Rome with tracks by Goblin, Lory D, Leo Anibaldi and many others, has been a podcast highlight of the year. Now follows the EP of the same name that reaffirms the Dozzy's exceptional touch for electronics.
With slick and swaying drum work, "200.1" is like a snake winding its way through the most remote rainforest areas where savages are murmuring during their rites. A lean and mean conqueror with acid notes, "200.2" gives a mechanical manifesto for the life-or-death combats in the Colosseum and ten-minute mindf*** called "200.3" taps to the previous track, offering storming techno hypnotism for the distorted minds. Chased by fierce synth stabs through the metropolitan jungle, we land on deep chords for an atmospheric closing. Classy.