30 August 2013

Hypnosaurus - Untitled / (Re-Played) by Hieroglyphic Being (Porridge Bullet ‎PB006 - 2013)

Technically taken it's a reissue but not of the type of glossy deluxe editions people are fooled with. The 12-inch, now out on Porridge Bullet imprint, is a reproduction of the material released in 1991 as a friends-only run of 20 cassettes by the Estonian act Hypnosaurus with Aivar Tõnso (keyboards, tapes) and Railo Pals (drums). Also known as Hüpnosaurus, the act later consisted of Tõnso and Raul Saaremets (aka Ajukaja), both till our days playing a pivotal role in the Estonian electronic scene. In 2004 they issued a best-of compilation on Ulmeplaadid.
Going back to the beginnings, in the presence of legendary John Peel Estonian fledgling electronics scene witnessed Hypnosaurus's psychedelic live jam at Ääsmäe manor in February 1992, where the duo amalgamated the sound of Sheffield and Manchester with deep electronics. Unpolished tones of Soviet synths and cosmic voice modulations resulted in a noisy lo-fi journey, now captured to the A-side of the release.
On the flip, nobody else than Chicago's Hieroglyphic Being replays the Estonian heritage, rolling out his customary broken-sounding equipment. After a long and messy band-room intro, dissonant rhythms go hand in hand with distortion overload to splinter any attempts of harmony. Raucous affair for experimental floors.

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29 August 2013

Ulwhednar - Withatten 1892 (Northern Electronics ‎NE3 - 2013)

At the end of the 19th century lumberjacks in Northern Sweden claimed seeing something deep down in the woods. They were as frightened as the new vicar with pale complexion, another eyewitness who left the place soon after that.
They could not predict that the gloomy atmosphere of 1892 was reproduced 110 years later by Ulwhednar, in Norse tales a warrior carrying wolf pelt in the battle. Now the Swedish electronics label Northern Electronics has excavated Ulwhednar's pagan drones and cold whispers to give a lesson of genuine darkness rooted in the Nordic mythology.
The five-tracker is a macabre piece of slowly flowing minimalistic noise tied to vibrating hum and frightening roars from the distance. The catharsis arrives with the long last track bluntly called "V", a more complex composition with abrasive synth layers over thundering orchestration. Be prepared for seventy minutes of doom.

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28 August 2013

BLACKNECKS 002 (Blacknecks BLKN002 - 2013)

It might well have been the weekend when the two UK garage heroes, after refusing to play only handbag and hardbag, were turned down by a West End banker wedding. Out of frustration they might have retreated to a Walthamstow flat to give birth to the second edition of Blacknecks, another sacrifice to the techno gods.
The faint-hearted should seek cover when the noisy A-side opens with "Death Before Eastenders" a distorted fat bastard screaming and pumping like hell. "Life For Rent" is a squeaking jam pushed by acidic additives and childish gremlin vocal samples. But real volcanos erupt on the B-side where "Say Beams" sports elements of good old Panasonic hardness and sequenced tinny synths on a mighty bass drum. No, probably there is not a sample from Marusha's "Rave Channel", or is it?
Dwarfing all the previous is "Theme From Blacknecks" which features rolling synths like in Freak Electrique's "P.H.A.S.E.R.", making it a powerful yet bright people mover to offer some relief after the havoc caused before. The Blacknecks are becoming trade insiders.

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Stingray313 - NKKtwo_2 ([NakedLunch] NL 015 - 2013)

Supreme productions of Stingray313 aka Gerard Ingram in contemporary electro and his strong previous outing on [NakedLunch] were clearly good omens for a follow-up on the same label. The man with a mission to foster Detroit electro clearly lives up to expectations although might be perceived on a surprisingly melodic tip.
The first tones of "NKKtwo_2" radiate the spirit of UR ("Dark Energy") and slightly melancholic track seeks the depths of bass with flickering synth stabs on tribalistic percussion.
He shows some more teeth in "NKKK4_2", a futuristic jam which rides on ascending chords and loops towards the sea of tranquility. Even when Stingray313's usual militant take on electro is not clearly present, the new single is an extremely inviting piece of soulful machine boogie.

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27 August 2013

Population One - The Rewriting Of An Expression Into A Simpler Form (‎REDUCTION ONE - 2013)

After vagabonding across the labels of the world Terrence Dixon's search for a theorem of perfect minimalism has now led him to own personal imprint called Reduction, a move long overdue in the light of his prolific output in recent years. The label's first EP "The Rewriting Of An Expression Into A Simpler Form"
comes under the Population One moniker, whereas the deep blue center label reminds of the design of Dixon's seminal "Minimalism" from 1995.
Parallels are not limited to the artwork. By sound Dixon goes back to the beginnings of his career and applies bravely loop structures from the very heart of his musical genome. Inescapable feel of being isolated in airtight environment prevails across three tracks, especially the A-side which is an ode to repetition and reduction to become disoriented in time and space.
Delicately shuffling B1 features Dixon's foggy trademark sound, carried by the velvety bass while EQ effects add Utopian nuances. Because of limping rhythm the B2 sounds like unfinished business but it's a redefined techno funk running on bulky groove and restless hi-hats before seeing a pad-laced finish.
A proof of Dixon's skills to master minimalist sounds is given again with the label's brilliant kick-off.

The video is courtesy of The29novclips.

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26 August 2013

Ascion - The Cybernetic Drama (3TH Records 3TH002 - 2013)

Ascion from the Repitch crew is in acceleration phase with the new imprint 3TH Records. After a various artists EP with the posse he now defines "The Cybernetic Drama" by reaching back to the techno history for inspiration.
The A-side is clearly for the restless of the night and the title cut "The Cybernetic Drama" is carried by the atmospheric spirit of Millsian Something In The Sky project while thrusting "San Gennaro" aligns with rough loop tools of early Downwards. The flip side moves in a more restricted mood with abrasive industrial beats in "Inhibitor" and melancholic tones in "Xatatonic State" to hook up with early Marco Passarani and Aphex Twin. Proven templates that might see good rotation in the clubs.

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21 August 2013

Fabrizio Lapiana - Antimatter 1 (Attic Music Attic001 - 2013)

Release date is in September 2013
Fabrizio Lapiana, the founder of Attic Music, launches a new series called Antimatter and the first of three releases features two tracks by the man himself plus a remix by Berlin's dark knight Milton Bradley.
"Stress" is pure juggernaut techno where a brutal bass line lends vintage Midwest feel to the track, proudly reminding of early DJ Skull and Mike Henk. The storming mood is abruptly changed by "Serotonin", a smudged intro touching the realms of ambient and later moving between a mash-up of Underworld's "Mmm ... Skyscraper I Love You" and early Plastikman. For the end the peace is broken by Bradley's loud workout of "Stress" banging properly with straight textures. A bit old-fashioned but still with high floor-grading. Recommended.

14 August 2013

Don't DJ - rɪð.əm (Diskant DISK06 - 2013)

Diskant has been a highly satisfying label for anybody fond of drum-obsessed rhythms, when we only recall vigorous output by The Durian Brothers and Harmonious Thelonious.
Don't DJ stays true to the label's values with a new five-tracker called "rɪð.əm", which is a phonetic disguise of "Rhythm". The act is composed of one-fourth of Institut Für Feinmotorik and one-third of The Durian Bothers, which actually means there is one man behind the Don't DJ project, Florian Meyer.
The vinyl-only EP with 500 copies pressed starts with intense drumming subject to sudden tempo changes in "Drob" while A2 track "looppool" emerges like a veiled extraction of "E2-E4" before cut short by complex drum patterns and glazing polyphonic sequences.
After a brief and pensive walk in African ambiance with "Black Zebra", the temperature is quickly rising when hypnotically revolving "Euclidean Grid" conquers the crown of the rhythmic noise king. For the end chilly winds are blowing in "end&" with bells of decaying sanctuaries tolling over barren landscape.
Both intellectual and wild, "rɪð.əm" is a stimulating work of music.

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07 August 2013

Various - Nonnative 05 (SEMANTICA NNN 05 - 2013)

Nordic craftsmanship on the A-side of the Semantica's fifth Nonnative release. For the start deep bass expert Juho Kusti from Helsinki narrates about "Twin Oaks", throwing in sprawling dubs of Helical Scan standard and advancing confidently with swinging synth sequences, only distracted by deliberate cacophony at the mid-track.
Hailing from the cellars of Stockholm, S100 are twinning by sound with fellow Swedes SHXCXCHCXSH when they create in "Ssabbron" strobe-dominated black atmosphere with monotone old-school acid buzz and repetitive minimalist signalling.
On the flip Japan's Imugem Orihasam researches the depths of "Excessive Self-Consciousness" with a trippy cut diffusing mechanical coldness and Semantica's local Madrid scene is represented by Epiphany, inclining towards deep house with low-set bass groove and Detroit pads in "Decoy".

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02 August 2013

Drvg Cvltvre - Everything Oblivion (Radio Kobayashi RKR 002 - 2013)

Dirty bass & electro cuts by Dutch producer Vincent Koreman aka Drvg Cvltvre who has considerably dropped the BPM rate compared to his RA-X years but not lost any intensity.
Drvg Cvltvre's coarse production style features rave-smelling hallucinating house keys in moderately paced cuts ("Movnt Doom", "Shaped Like A Cross Pt. 1") but any hopes for a slo-mo trip are ruined by "Sanctvary's End", a povnding monvnental cvt with svbtle EBM notes and also pyromaniac theme "I Set Fires To Feel Joy" kicks like hell.
Transmitted from the digital imprint Radio Kobayashi the EP carries confusingly the same title as Drvg Cvltvre's EP on Viewlexx in 2012 and also albums on Snug Life and Erikoisdance. It's like calling your sons John, John and John - the name is the same but not quite the content. Waiting for the next "Everything Oblivion".

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01 August 2013

Set times announced for Kõue Heli with Ancient Methods

Massive lineup for Kõue Heli Festival, to be held this Saturday in Estonia, and for the industrial techno faction spearheaded by Berlin's devastating Ancient Methods starting its live set at 02:00. 

Ü - Great Dose Of Monotonous Techno (Digitalis Recordings ‎DIGIV055 - 2013)

All those old school ravers and racers complaining there is not enough monotonous techno are well served with a great dose by the late Swedish artist Ü aka Joel Brindefalk.
As a long-time affiliate of the Börft clan, Brindefalk has filled the LP with the sound of rave-era tapes from the attic, expressing both excitement and homesickness of bygone times.
The Ü project boards a seasoned but well-oiled vehicle for historical sightseeing in the lands of techno cropped to two long tracks. Analog setup with intense rhythms and panting synths makes a nod to oldtimer labels like Labworks, Ferox and even acid trance of Harthouse, at the 11-minute-mark on the A-side. The B-side kicks off like ambient drone but becomes an ugly synth mayhem from the five-minute mark and later abstract notes strike before the gates are opened for pulsating acid session. Ü also interlocks to the raw sounds of Frak released earlier on Digitalis, a label that is increasingly pursuing harsh rhythms as recently proven with Prostitutes LP.

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Astronomical Telegram - Near-Heart Object EP (Reaktivate RKTV001 - 2013)

When after a number of digital releases a record label seeks tangible output for its ideas and emotions, it's like coming of age. The same applies to the vinyl debut of the Portuguese imprint Reaktivate, which presents for the vinyl challenge a rookie from Colombia and several household names on the remix side.
Astronomical Telegram, alter ego of Daniel Restrepo from Medellin, is responsible for the title track. The slamming original is a sinister introduction and breathes the same air with darker techno productions, albeit not fully avoiding some cliches, making it a suitable companion for poorly lit places.
The remix section is opened by Dead Sound & Videohead, seen around solo or together on Gynoid Audio and Perc Trax, who dig deeper for a chunky armored piece. The EP's most devastating contribution comes from Ducerey Ada Nexino aka Yuji Kondo who drops a magnetized version, building it up from grey haze to full mind domination. For the end the Ukrainian Stanislav Tolkachev is slightly detached from the overall grim atmosphere of the EP when bundles illuminated textures with crisscross drum patterns. A promising start by the label from Porto.

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