31 March 2014

Datura Dilema - Chasing The Sun (Drama Universal DRAMA002 - 2014)

Release date is in May 2014
Having released two digital albums on Spanish platform Subsist with the focus on dubbed out and droning techno, Datura Dilema's own digital imprint Drama Universal is seeking healing qualities with a set of softer textures. However the new two-tracker "Chasing The Sun" would not be a stranger on the floor.
The 12-minute title piece is clearly driven by solar energy, letting gentle loops to trek over dunes in search of New Age tribesmen. Feeling like slow-mode Harthouse tune, it's a strong pro-life statement with well-crafted harmonies. More intense repetition factor is faced in "Rise", which follows familiar patterns deriving from the foundations of club techno.

DUST OFF: Huren - Huren's Kaltbrüchig Aciddeath (Zhark Recordings 00007 - 1999)

When interviewed by the Tea And Techno blog, Zhark Recordings co-founder Kareem reflected upon the twists and turns of the label, saying the seventh release opened an entirely new direction. After Zhark07 people started shaking their heads, because the EP's sound did not follow the label's minimalistic Detroit approach.
The culprit for this dramatic move was Canadian Dave Foster who had first garnered attention with the project Teste on Plus 8. Later, as part of the duo Perceptrons, he focused on acid releases before reanimating in 1999 his obscured Huren moniker, dropping "Istropolitana EP" on Qube and debuting on Zhark with notorious "Huren's Kaltbrüchig Aciddeath".
Kaltbrüchig might be a broken version of German word kaltblütig (cold-blooded) and aciddeath is just an obvious companion in this feast of harsh industrial techno. After dub-leaning opening it gets all serious with hammering bass and trashy distortion. The B1 track is especially mean, with moaning of cursed souls exposed to the giant grinding wheels and acid drops while B2 keeps it as invasive and gloomy as it can be. No wonder it was a shock.

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27 March 2014

Rude 66 - The Kill (Bordello A Parigi ‎BAP016 - 2014)

A sleek hand with colored fingernails holding a shiny sharpened knife: The sleeve promises terror and suspense but well-versed Dutchman Ruud Lekx aka Rude 66 is on a surprisingly convivial trip. The grandmaster of The Hague's electro acid discovers the fun factor of easy-going synth tracks, out on Bordello A Parigi imprint.
The opener "The Kill" is a heavily vocoded electro disco and a glitzy number for jetset satisfaction, followed by slow synth jam "Answers Always Come In Dreams".
The real smash opens the B-side when hi-nrg explosion "Paranoia" sings hallelujah to tax evaders and money launderers on the run, the sinister vocal part done by the artist's wife Shaunna Lekx. "What Matters" captures a conversation from orbital station in the glimmering suite slightly in the vein of Ricardo Donoso's works. All that on repeat, please.

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Korridor - Path 0102.591 (Northern Electronics ‎NE7 - 2014)

Another fine production from the Northern Electronics camp. Heading to the hallways of hypnosis, suburban Stockholm artist Fabian Kempe makes the vinyl debut with "Path 0102.591". Korridor's mini-LP is focused on acid-tinged atmospheric excursions reminiscent of the works of fellow countryman Andreas Tilliander (TM404) and the label's own Ulwhednar.
Preferring the subtleties, Korridor's composition of  "Path #01" prefers fuzzy surface with background crackles. The best pick is viciously looping "Path #02.5", which reminds of Mike Dred's "Macrocosm" while "Shift #91" moves closer to the section of aquatic ambient. All in all Korridor's work can be seen as a likable attempt to redefine the dub techno.

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20 March 2014

Love Cult Take Druss - Yr Problems (Trensmat ‎TR042 - 2014)

"Yr Problems" proves how experimental productions can go beyond sheer noise and dissonance. By using human voices, stealth rhythms and exciting timbres, Love Cult and Druss come up with a release full of twists and turns.
About the artists: Love Cult does not refer to the followers of a self-proclaimed prophet from Mojave but it's a project of Anya Kuts and Ivan Afanasyev, two musicians from Petrozavodsk who run Full Of Nothing label out of Karelia and are touring seven Russian cities in March. Druss is Paddy Shine, a member of Manchester's experimental psych group Gnod, to make his second appearance on Irish label Trensmat. In addition to the collab tracks, both artists contribute with a few solo numbers.
Love Cult opens with static drone shoegaze "Black Pines" but the title track turns the new page to pixie murmurs and electronic effects. In "Nothing Makes It Real" processed voices reappear on crackled and swaying electronics, before one of the highlights, Love Cult's "Landing On Fires", is a pixelated take on dub techno, stirred with remote church bells, space station intercom, dog barking and Russian poetry.
"Thirst" by Druss declares the state of suffering with delayed noise waves while "Nonplusultra" brings some brighter notes. Broken beats and metallic vocal sample lend "Death Forever" a post-jungle feel while "Hunger" is marked by ear-damaging drone and fragile background textures.
While maintaining pulsating undercurrents of Trensmat's recent catalog, "Yr Problems" offers a wealth of variations across eight tracks, all pressed in blue transparent vinyl with two digital extras being part of the pack. Next in the pipeline on Trensmat is an equally exciting oeuvre, Stefan Jaworzyn's LP.

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17 March 2014

Blacknecks - Blacknecks 005 (BLKN 005 - 2014)

After months of speculations about the identity of Blacknecks, the veil of secrecy was lifted at the 21st birthday party of Birmingham's House Of God where Truss and Bleaching Agent were playing as Blacknecks. For the time being the disclosure does not mean the act has ceased operations as the fifth installment has hit the road with new floor assaults.
Staying tuned to the italo channel, the opener "Never Forget" is loaded with a sturdy disco riff, to follow up the smash hit “To The Cosmos, Let's Go!”. The bass drum stampede "Holzer Mane" bears comparison with 1990s Frankfurt hardcore, like T-Bone Castro's "I Want Cha", while"Hotline" is the most abstract of the lot with eruptive stabs and robotic samples referring to a hotline number 07754******.

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14 March 2014

Ricardo Donoso - Iron / Verse Remixes (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV067)

Handing out "As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another" to internationally acclaimed artists for remixing was not driven by the need to legitimize Ricardo Donoso's album for the club use. As noted in the LP's review - current work is his closest to dance canons, or could it be trance canons - it was already there. And even more after the reworks.
One might expect that Yves De Mey, a modular synth expert and Opal Tapes artist, is hooked on impudent experimentalism but the Belgian prefers rather dreamy layers in "The Sphinx". Opening the "Diagonal Environment" with Holy Mountain-style spoken word, Recondite delivers a techno resident's view with a tension-building break and flaming arps, recalling Emmanuel Top's most energetic moments back in the days.
Subtext label owner Paul Jebanasam scratches the surface of ambient in "Affirmation", adding drone-charged chords and dissonant signals to the lot while John Tejada, who mastered the album, sticks to a laid back tech house in "The Redeemer", without reinforcing the original's entrancing nature. Andreas Tilliander's TM404 project closes the chapter with acidic additives and glowing timbres in "Open Drawer, Full Of Masks". Good things done here.

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13 March 2014

Various - Telex Magick (Marguerita Recordings ‎Mar 0099 - 2013)

High rating alert. Inspired by the analog era when telexes dominated the telecommunications, a group of international comandantes from Europe and USA has gathered under the banner of Marguerita Recordings for a full-fledged electro compilation.
The duo called Middle Men gets the party started with rocking 808 in "Another Think Coming", followed by Gosub's sexy "I Know You Know", which lands between Dopplereffekt futurism and Model 500 brilliant Detroit pads. After the choral intro Rude 66 turns "The Anvil" to a break dance joint while Boris Divider and MANASYt convert the sound bytes into thermal energy.
On the B-side Kronos Device haunts with dark textures without giving up the hope for light and the label runner Cosmic Force combines acid washes with intense vocoder passages. After Edo 8's electrotech follies, rookie producer Alonzo revisits Planet Rock and Soundchasers conclude with a tribute to Push Buttons. A value pack of ghetto beats.

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10 March 2014

Ekman - Acid7 (Berceuse Heroique ‎BH 006 - 2014)

Ekman, in real life Dutch producer Roel Dijcks, returns to London upstart Berceuse Heroique after having done the label's debut release in 2013. Ekman's capability to spread dirty beats has been also witnessed on imprints like Solar One Music, Panzerkreuz or Shipwrec and the new single follows suit.
The track "Acid7" has terrorized the eardrums of digital youth via Soundcloud for several months and now it's materialized in the black 180 Gram wax. Ekman's angry and monotone acid techno hails the legacy of the 1990's Bunker while on the flip L.I.E.S. and The Trilogy Tapes visitor Vereker drops a contaminated remix featuring explosive drums last time heard on Ed DMX's "Cerberus". Recommended for those fond of Berceuse Heroique's L'estasi Dell'oro single.

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07 March 2014

Yves De Mey - Double Slit (SEMANTICA 63 - 2014)

"Double Slit" represents the unconventional side in Semantica's catalog when Yves De Mey, also a member of Sendai with Peter van Hoesen, targets experimental niche and stays close to his last year's "Metrics" on Opal Tapes.
Slow-paced "Disperse" is built on grainy modular textures akin to Alva Noto and Mika Vainio while
"Slew Modified" tries more colorful palette with a bulk of rhythms and timbres leaving gradually a cacophonic impression.
De Mey's convincing skills appear on the EP's flip side, when the title track "Double Slit" sets off with subtle helicopter percussion and buoyant chords, complemented with mechanical ticking for slight industrial flair. The best for the end: "Excursions To Intersections" is a robomantic builder driven by interplanetary magnetic storms. Intelligent and deep excursions from the Belgian producer.

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05 March 2014

Terminal 313 Mix: Promos & Classics (March 2014)

A selection of new or unreleased stuff from labels like Trensmat, NX1, Reaktivate, Semantica, Russian Torrent Versions, Suburban Avenue, Blacknecks and 3TH Records, mixed with a few cuts from 1990s, by E-Trax, Perceptrons, Acid Junkies, etc.

1. Love Cult Take Druss - Black Pines (Trensmat)
2. Eric Aldea & Ivan Chiossone - The Journey (0101)
3. Yves De Mey - Excursions To Intersections (Semantica)
4. Morphosis - Dismantle (Feat. Donato Dozzy) (Honest Jon’s)
5. Terrence Dixon – Pacers (Polytone Recordings)
6. NX1 - Black 01 B (NX1)
7. Jorge Bule – Motora (Apparent Horizon)
8. Guillam - Vortex (Reaktivate)
9. Yuka - Savdi Lim (Semantica)
10. Kaelan & Z.I.P.P.O(3KZ) - Oppression (Suburban Avenue)
11. Planetary Assault Systems – Riot In Silo (Mote-Evolver)
12. Most Significant Beat - SDE (Groof Deconstruction Mix) (Geometrik)
13. Erika - Gardeners (Israel Vines Remix) (Interdimensional Transmissions)
14. L'estasi Dell'oro - Kingdom For A Kiss (Unit Moebius Anonymous vs. Shitcluster Rmx) (Berceuse Heroique)
15. Blacknecks - Holzer Mane (Blacknecks)
16. E-Trax - Yo, Te Quiero (Dance Street)
17. Karlist – Hexagonal (Russian Torrent Versions)
18. Perceptrons – B1 Untitled (Switch Records)
19. Acid Junkies - Sector 9 (Djax-Up-Beats)
20. Lucindo - ACT 86 (3TH Records)
21. Paul Birken - Acid Youth Of Malibu (Earwiggle)
22. Blacknecks - To The Cosmos Lets Go (Blacknecks)
23. Earlene Bentley - I'm Living My Own Life (Record Shack Records/Going For A Song)