29 April 2014

Drvg Cvltvre With Chris Moss Acid - American Psychosis (Part One) (Shipwrec SHIP0231 - 2014)

Legit koala acid on Dutch label Shipwrec with two slow-moving tracks conceived by Drvg Cvltvre. Thus compared to his Ra-X days of fast and furious acid techno, Drvg Cvltvre's Vincent Koreman walks at the other end of BPM spectrum. The first track "Acid Flash" co-features the skills of the UK producer Chris Moss and pours not surprisingly excessive 303 all over the place. But the real treat is on the flip: The knight of doomdisco keeps repeating "I'll Wear Your Face On a Chain" in a heavily percussive piece with wicked acid programming.

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28 April 2014

Dino Sabatini & Edit Select - Mnenosyne (Outis Music Outis005 - 2014)

Release date is in May 2014
Glaswegian artist Anthony Scott MacKinnon, known in the scene as Edit Select, is Dino Sabatini's new production associate for Outis Music and for the Italian's collaboration series dedicated to Greek mythology. In the heels of "Journey Back To Ithaca", excellent dark-tainted functional electronics with Donato Dozzy, three-track "Mnemosyne" will be a regular in many DJ booths.
Whereas hacked tribesman rhythm of "Terpsichore" reminds strongly of the previous Outis release while "Euterpe" gets a powerful 4/4 boost, appealing to the floors under domination of hyperactive smoke machines. After astronomical first tones, the B-side's "Urania" continues with the same 124 BPM pace like the opener, smoothly driven by a compressed loop.
The studio time was seemingly well spent because Edit Select's debut album "Phlox", out this spring on Prologue, includes another collab track.

24 April 2014

Paul Birken - Acid Youth Of Malibu Remixes (Earwiggle ‎EAR 006 - 2014)

Paul Birken's sledgehammer track "Acid Youth Of Malibu" from a collab EP with Freddie Fresh belonged to the very top of 2012 floor destroyers and has been virtually begging for remixes since then. Now the prayers have been heard and four explosive reworks by the insiders of tech-banger faction are out of Dublin imprint Earwiggle.
Blawan kicks it off with a properly whipping techno tool, largely stripped of the initial bass line and boasting the fastest pace of the lot. Dutchman Bas Mooy is the champion here when gives a rougher twist to Birken's lunatic acid line, exposed to an armada of killer bees. Recently outed as a Blacknecks consort, London producer Truss expresses dissatisfaction with the drum work so far and drops a bouncing and noisy cut with mean warehouse riff. We can't be really done before the master Birken re-enters the stage, wrenching and mugging the track for further floor action.

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20 April 2014

Roebin de Freitas - Doubt (Ante-Rasa RASA01 - 2014)

In "Doubt" the Belgian producer Roebin de Freitas invites to factory sightseeing. Whereas the title track has some doubts about the direction to take when the beats are limping to the abstract side of post-dubstep. Entirely different mood prevails when Irish duo Lakker serves a 105 BPM remix: Calling it a sluggish slam is pure understatement because of irresistible dark groove with floor-detonating effect.
On the B-side de Freitas exhibits purist techno side with simple but vigorous "Twitch", followed by the Stanislav Tolkachev's rework of the track where the Ukrainian stays true to his intense and fidgety programming. The 180gr wax is the first vinyl release on Ante-Rasa, a label from Liège, Belgium.

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17 April 2014

Klankman - Klankman (Bunker Records ‎4002 - 2014)

A new vessel docked to pier of The Hague's notorious Bunker. It's steered by fearless Klankman, in real life known as the local fellow Maarten Epskamp. Contrary to the expectations, the opener "Losing Control" is not a DBX rip-off but a pacemaker for hardened acid house homies, built on muddled Dutch vocals and captivating bass line. "Dangerous Night" boasts a considerably higher sulfur content for hazardous moments in moonless nights.
On the B-side, "Love Hurts" is a pain-filled exercise with massive drum work and Shitcluster-like moaning while "Insomnia" moves in even weirder spheres that could be called freaky ambient house. Across the EP Klankman hardly exceeds the 120 BPM mark but still drops confused yet efficiently rolling tracks for a strong debut.

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16 April 2014

Lucindo - Human Invasion (3TH Records 3TH004 - 2014)

Release date is in April 2014
Having debuted in the first release of Berlin-based 3TH Records, the label's co-founder Lucindo returns with a fierce four-tracker. The artist might have adopted the one-time moniker Lucifer for "Human Invasion"as the EP is launched with gaseous fireballs like "Act 83" and "Act 86", both corrosive and distorted cuts driven by psychotic bass.
After looking into predator eyes of "Act 100", a bit of easing is promised in "Act 63" - a secret weapon with traces of rave classics and Aphex chords. For fans of 3TH's big brother Repitch.

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11 April 2014

Terminal 313 Podcast - April 2014

The tracklist with buy links (not all of them available as of 11 April):
Architectural - Cold Wet Grass (Architectural Records)*
Juho Kahilainen - Xemx (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series)
Klankman - Love Hurts (Bunker)
Iron Curtis - Spirals (Polytone Recordings)
John Osborn & Tallmen785 - Deskjam (Tom Dicicco Remix) (Run Out Run)*
Terrence Dixon - The Fall Guy Pt2 (Still Music)
Ricardo Donoso - Diagonal Environment (Recondite Remix) (Digitalis)
PVS - Black Paranoid 7 (Key Vinyl)*
RVDE - Kuglar (Somewhere Recordings)*
Adriana Lopez - Permanent Condition (Semantica)
Jose Pouj - Stealth (Jonas Kopp Remix) (Injected Poison Records)
Damaskin - Kaona II (Concrete Records)*
Kangding Ray - Amber Decay (Raster-Noton)
Qoso - Jura (In Paradisum)
Device Control - Business Separation (Device Control Recordings)
Headless Horseman - Legend (Headless Horseman)
Huren - A2 (Zhark Recordings)
Paul Birken - Acid Youth Of Malibu (Paul Birken Remix) (Earwiggle)
Aiken - Dismal (Semantica)
Roebin de Freitas - Doubt (Lakker Remix) (ante-rasa)
Drvg Cvltvre - Acid Flash (Drvg Cvltvre vs Chris Moss Acid) (Shipwrec)*
V/VM - Take My Beef Away (V/VM Test Records)
Sister / Body - Evol of Lluf (Tesla Tapes)

Various - Nonnative 06 (Semantica NNN06 - 2014)

Sweden, Colombia, Ukraine and USA - this is the background of artists featured in the sixth part of Semantica's Nonnative series. Pär Grindvik, the Berlin-based founder of Stockholm LTD and a trusted source for rolling techno tracks, leads in with oxygenous bells-and-bass cut "Mould, Damp, Love". Adriana Lopez, a producer from Bogota and now residing in Barcelona, possesses the talent for, daring to say that, funky techno and her pumping contribution "Permanent Condition" speaks for itself.
"Paradigm" by Kiev's Etapp Kyle is neat but usual club track before closer attention is required again. Israel Vines has chosen thinner textures than in recent remixes for Trensmat or Interdimensional Transmissions, but the L.A.-based Michigan native stays in the limelight with "Precipice".

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10 April 2014

Device Control - The Age Of Disinformation (Device Control RecordingsDCR01 - 2014)

It's a new label it's a new dawn. Colin Bain, the artist behind Device Control, hails from Glasgow and launches the self-titled imprint with a sharp-cut EP. At closer listening "The Age Of Disinformation" sporadically sounds like a tribute to Neil Landstrumm's similarly titled "Understanding Disinformation" from 1996, if only to think about "The Glasvegas Experience".
The opener is a standout techno track: "Business Separation" reflects volcanic emotions of proxy fights in a melting pot of raw bass and crushing loops. Punchy drums of the original "You And Others" make a bold reference to The Infiltrator's "The Extraction" while Galaxian, electro-obsessed fellow Glaswegian, acts as noise bringer and conducts extra demolition job. The Plant Worker aka Damian Lapena from France uses bleeps and hiss for slight droning effect but maintains the gritty essence of the EP. Total device control, guaranteed.

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07 April 2014

Ø [Mika Vainio] - Konstellaatio (Sähkö Recordings SÄHKÖ-28 - 2014)

The artwork of "Konstellaatio" gives a clue to the foundations of Mika Vainio's new album as Ø. It's about summers in the Nordic countryside, grandma's mythological tales from the memorable days between self-indulgence, when kids went picking wild strawberries under the burning sun, and suspense, when they were spying at a haunted house in the woods.
Considering Vainio's recent work, "Konstellaatio" is unsurprisingly of very different breed than Ø's debut album "Metri" from 1994 or early EPs, which were in line with Sähkö's rhythmic sci-fi fare of that time. Twenty years later Vainio comes with a constellation of life experiences, offering an inward-looking mix of Finnish melancholy and precise sound engineering where rustling passages interact with modern classical.
While "Kilo" was a heavyweight homage to the maritime freight transportation, "Konstellaatio" sails in serene waters. One can encounter irregular bass thumps and Jarre-esque synth layers in ambient-minded "Otava", or cold fragility in deep water explorations of "Syvyydessä Kimallus". "Kesäyön Haltijat" moves closer to weightlessness and bleeping "Neutronit" reproduces CERN lab atmosphere.
Modern minimalism emerges in "Elämän Puu", floating in sacral manner over ten minutes, and in "Talvipäivä, Vanha Motelli" with fragile, even silent passages, followed by equally barren piece "Metsän Sydän". The longing mood of "Syvänteessä Pukinjalkaisen" is troubled by a scary goat-legged creature entering the stage for the haunted house part while "Takaisin" is a tranquil conclusion of the album. Captivating, demanding, close to nature compositions.

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02 April 2014

DUST OFF: X-313 - Interferon Remixes (Generator Records ‎GEN018 - 1995)

This release might not be exactly underrated, given the amount of copies up for grabs in Discogs, but definitely it's a intense blast from Alan Oldham's Generator Records (Detroit). Grinding proto-rave monster "Interferon" was the label's iconic track which deserved a remix package with many influential faces of the mid-1990s scene.
It jump starts with Dave Clarke's in-your-face deconstruction, squeezed between the original's evil riff and angry breakbeats with a strong X-313 factor of thundering kick drums. Mad Mike's shamanically grooving "Death Star Mix" lands in the toxic area, where the interstellar warrior operates with the acid magic akin to the title track of UR-022. On the other side the 303 don Woody McBride prefers to have it funky with a stifled bass line slightly touching Death Star textures, before the original concludes the EP. Impressive.

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